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When the wielder is struck by a contact attack, the attacking Pokemon has its ability changed to Mummy. Abilities revert to normal when the opponent switches out. Pokemon with Flower Gift, Forecast, and Zen Mode will revert to their original formes after Mummy takes effect. Mummy activates after all effects of the attack resolve, so abilities such as Poison Touch and Stench that trigger during the process of the attack will activate before Mummy does. Pokemon with Multitype and Mummy are immune to this effect.

Competitive Use

Cofagrigus has no other options, but Mummy is surprisingly effective at neutering certain threats that rely on their ability to be effective, such as Scrafty, Scizor, and weather sweepers. It is worth being careful, however, as if the opponent doesn't switch and their neutered attacker has Mummy, you want to avoid going for a revenge kill straight away. A trick that is sometimes used in double or triple battles is to have a Slaking or Regigigas on one's team as well as a Cofagrigus, and then for the former to attack the latter, thus removing their negative ability. This can also be attempted in singles by luring the opponent into taking on the Mummy ability, then immediately switching to Slaking and using Pursuit.

Found normally

Pokémon Type Tier Abilities HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe BST
Cofagrigus Ghost UU Mummy 58 50 145 95 105 30 483
Yamask Ghost LC Mummy 38 30 85 55 65 30 303

Found in Dream World

Pokémon Type Tier Abilities HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe BST