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Storm Drain


All Water-type attacks (with the exception of Water Pledge), even those from the wielder's ally in multi battles, hit the wielder with 100% accuracy regardless of the intended target, and give a Special Attack boost of one stage instead of doing damage. If the wielder and a Pokemon using Follow Me are out at the same time, and a Pokemon uses a Water-type attack targeted at the Follow Me user's team, Follow Me will take precedence. If Hidden Power is Water-type, it will be redirected and absorbed as well. Soak is also redirected and nullified by Storm Drain. If a Pokemon with Mold Breaker uses a Water-type attack, it will be redirected but not absorbed by Storm Drain. If two Pokemon have Storm Drain in a multi battle, the faster Pokemon will draw the attack. In the event of a speed tie, the Pokemon who has been on the field longest will draw the attack.

Competitive Use

Storm Drain was next to useless in Generation 4. Now it has given rise to Gastrodon, one of the best anti-metagame Pokemon currently. The immunity plus the Special Attack boost allows Gastrodon to check almost everything on an offensive Drizzle team and as such makes it an easy fit to a lot of teams. Outside of Gastrodon, Cradily is another possible good user of Storm Drain, given its typing, but it certainly isn't as good as Gastrodon is. Storm Drain can get really annoying fast if you have nothing to take out Gastrodon with. Storm Drain is also why Gastrodon is viable in Ubers, letting it be one of the best Kyogre counters in the game.

Found normally

Pokémon Type Tier Abilities HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe BST
Finneon Water LC Swift Swim / Storm Drain / Water Veil 49 49 56 49 61 66 330
Gastrodon Water / Ground OU Sticky Hold / Storm Drain / Sand Force 111 83 68 92 82 39 475
Lumineon Water NU Swift Swim / Storm Drain / Water Veil 69 69 76 69 86 91 460
Shellos Water LC Sticky Hold / Storm Drain / Sand Force 76 48 48 57 62 34 325

Found in Dream World

Pokémon Type Tier Abilities HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe BST
Cradily Rock / Grass NU Suction Cups / Storm Drain 86 81 97 81 107 43 495
Lileep Rock / Grass LC Suction Cups / Storm Drain 66 41 77 61 87 23 355
Maractus Grass NU Water Absorb / Chlorophyll / Storm Drain 75 86 67 106 67 60 461