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Chople Berry


When held by a Pokemon, reduces the power of a damaging Fighting-type move that would hit the holder for super effective damage by 50%. Consumed after use. Natural Gift becomes a 60 Base Power Fighting-type attack when the user holds this Berry, but the Berry is consumed after use.

Competitive Use

Chople Berry is one of those type-resistance Berries which, like Yache and Shuca, do actually weaken moves of a common attacking type and hence are likely to come into use. Even so, Tyranitar is really the only Pokemon at the highest level that would seriously consider giving up its valuable item slot for Chople Berry, as that 4x Fighting-type weakness is very inviting, and Tyranitar certainly has the bulk to take one weakened Fighting-type attack and the power to KO back in turn. Snorlax is another notable choice, as surviving your opponent's Fighting-type attack can mean an easy KO and allow Snorlax to proceed to dismantle the opponent's team, but comes at a cost of losing Leftovers or Choice Band.

It should be noted that most type-resistance Berries are favoured in VGC and other similar environments, where there is less time for setting up or walling and thus being able to survive an opponent's attack is often vital to success, particularly as two popular priority moves, Mach Punch and Vacuum Wave, are Fighting-type.


Receive from Fennel on first visit to Dream World—however, you only get one of the seventeen damage-reducing Berries, and this event cannot be repeated. If you do not receive a Chople Berry in this way, you must trade for it using Share Shelves in the Dream World.