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Fist Plate


A hold item that increases the Base Power of all Fighting-type moves by 20%. When held by a Pokemon with the Multitype ability, the holder's type will change to Fighting.

Competitive Use

Fighting Arceus generally isn't used or seen much due to the abundance of Psychic-types in the Ubers metagame. However, Fighting Arceus finds a nice niche for itself in being an excellent counter to many problematic threats, such as Darkrai, Ferrothorn, and Tyranitar, as well as being one of the few Arceus formes that can beat Blissey using a Calm Mind set without the aid of Refresh or Substitute. Unfortunately, Fighting Arceus suffers from being countered by quite a few extremely dangerous Pokemon, namely Mewtwo and Ho-Oh.

However, it is generally useless aside from Arceus, as most other Fighting-types find the power boost from Fist Plate to be too menial.


Abyssal Ruins, 1F.