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Flying Gem


If the holder uses a damage-dealing Flying-type move, then the holder consumes this item and the power of that move is increased by 50%. One-time use.

Competitive Use

The Flying Gem is usually considered the most useful of all the Gems for the way it can combine with the move Acrobatics. On the turn that Acrobatics is first used, the Flying Gem is activated before the move takes place, meaning that the user gets both the Flying Gem boost and the Acrobatics boost, since it is holding no item, meaning that you are looking at what is effectively a 165 Base Power attack, which when backed by STAB and the attacking stats of something like Archeops, becomes pretty damn fearsome indeed.

Gliscor in particular becomes a notable Rotom-W lure due to the immense boost granted by this item, as a +2 Flying Gem boosted Acrobatics can OHKO the standard Rotom-W after Stealth Rock damage despite its resistance to the attack. Tornadus is another noteworthy user. In the lower tiers, Drifblim and Drifloon can use Flying Gem alongside Unburden to double their Speed stats. It is even sometimes used by non-Flying-types, such as Sceptile and Mienshao, in order to take care of various dangerous threats. Sceptile can also use the Flying Gem as a means of activating its Unburden ability.

This tactic is especially well-used in VGC as well, where a powerful first-turn Acrobatics can easily get rid of one of your opponent's Pokemon. It is also occasionally used to boost the power of other powerful Flying-type attacks, such as Tornadus's Hurricane.


Occur randomly in Dust Clouds.