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Haban Berry


When held by a Pokemon, reduces the power of a damaging Dragon-type move that would hit the holder for super effective damage by 50%. Consumed after use. Natural Gift becomes a 60 Base Power Dragon-type attack when the user holds this Berry, but the Berry is consumed after use.

Competitive Use

Haban Berry is rarely used, as most Dragon-type Pokemon prefer receiving a power boost from Life Orb or Choice Band / Choice Specs. Adding to this, most Dragon-type Pokemon also suffer from other weaknesses that are often exploitable. However, this item is far from useless; Palkia for instance may sometimes carry a Haban Berry to negate its sole weakness to Dragon-type attacks. Given Palkia's immense power and coverage to begin with, the protection from Haban Berry can potentially be game-breaking. Swords Dance Garchomp may also sometimes carry this item to prevent faster Dragon-type Pokemon such as Choice Scarf Palkia and Dragon Arceus from OHKOing it, allowing it to continue its sweep.


Receive from Fennel on first visit to Dream World—however, you only get one of the seventeen damage-reducing Berries, and this event cannot be repeated. If you do not receive a Haban Berry in this way, you must trade for it using Share Shelves in the Dream World. Alternatively, in Pokemon Black and White 2, you may simply receive it by interacting with an Axew on the nineteenth floor of a building just south of Driftveil's Pokemon Center.