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Kebia Berry


When held by a Pokemon, reduces the power of a damaging Poison-type move that would hit the holder for super effective damage by 50%. Consumed after use. If the holder uses the move Natural Gift, this Berry will provide a one-time 60 Base Power Poison-type attack.

Competitive Use

The Kebia Berry should not be used at all in competitive battles, as the only type that is hit super effectively by Poison-type moves is Grass. Many Grass-type Pokemon themselves have a secondary Poison typing, and those that do not, such as Celebi and Shaymin, would rather use a more beneficial item.


Receive from Fennel on first visit to Dream World—however, you only get one of the seventeen damage-reducing Berries, and this event cannot be repeated. If you do not receive a Kebia Berry in this way, you must trade for it using Share Shelves in the Dream World.