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Lum Berry


When the holder is afflicted with poison, Toxic poison, paralysis, burn, sleep, confusion, or is frozen while holding this item, they will immediately consume their Lum Berry to cure themselves of that status condition. Natural Gift becomes an 60 Base Power Flying-type attack when the user holds this Berry, but the Berry is consumed after use.

Competitive Use

Lum Berry can provide an excellent buffer for Pokémon that attract status attacks. Fast, frail sweepers are ruined by paralysis; most physical attackers are crippled by burn; and many bulkier checks and walls don't appreciate Toxic poison or sleep. All of these Pokemon enjoy the protection of a Lum Berry, as it allows them to switch in to such things as Breloom, Gengar, or Jirachi with impunity at least once. Pokemon that can set up on the turn they soak up a status are especially good users of Lum Berry—this item allows Metagross to use Agility on a Thunder Wave, for example.

Users of moves such as Substitute, which blocks status, or Pokemon with status-curing abilities like Natural Cure or Shed Skin, will find Lum Berry redundant and often appreciate a healing, protective, or boosting item more. Users of Heal Bell or Aromatherapy can cure their own status abnormalties and those of their teamates, eliminating the need for a Lum Berry. Users of Rest—which cures HP and status—will prefer either a healing item, to space out their uses of Rest, or Chesto Berry, which cures sleep specifically and will never be prematurely consumed by paralysis or poison.


Route 3 - Talk to Pokemon Breeder Galen.

Village Bridge - Complete Village Bridge Restaurant minigame (can be repeated once per day).

Lacunosa Town - Talk to executive on Sunday night.

Dream World (Spooky Manor or Pokemon Cafe Forest).