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Lustrous Orb


Raises the power of Palkia's Dragon- and Water-type moves by 4915/4096 (approximately 1.2).

Competitive Use

Lustrous Orb is not quite as useless as its counterpart, the Adamant Orb, as Palkia will mostly be using its Water- and Dragon-type STAB moves regardless for all purposes, and unlike Life Orb, Lustrous Orb comes with absolutely no recoil, which increases Palkia's lifespan. Lustrous Orb is commonly used on (but is not limited to) mixed sets, often with rain support so that Palkia's Water-type moves hit hard. Palkia is a versatile Pokemon, though, and also enjoys running items such as Choice Scarf, Choice Specs, and Life Orb—indeed, running Lustrous Orb while bluffing a Choice item can be a worthwhile tactic. Consult the Palkia analysis for more detail.


Marvelous Bridge, as a gift from the Shadow Triad.