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Mental Herb


When held by a Pokemon, Mental Herb will cure the effects of infatuation, Taunt, Encore, Torment, Disable, and Cursed Body if the holder is afflicted by any of these. Consumed after use.

Competitive Use

Mental Herb can be useful on defensive Pokemon, as they are most susceptible to Taunt and Encore (infatuation and Disable are rarely used in competitive battles, and the only Pokemon that commonly use Torment are Heatran and Skarmory). However, these Pokemon usually prefer Leftovers's healing power over Mental Herb. Besides, all of these effects disappear once the user switches out. Mental Herb theoretically has some use on suicidal lead Pokemon that are dedicated to setting up entry hazards; however, in the absence of the Taunt-based anti-lead in the BW metagame, Mental Herb is more or less unnecessary. It does, however, have some use in VGC, if your Pokemon is trying to set up dual screens or Trick Room and you are more concerned about Taunt than sleep moves.


Wild Sewaddle, Swadloon, and Leavanny (5%).