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Normal Gem


If the holder uses a damage-dealing Normal-type move, then the holder consumes this item and the power of that move is increased by 50%. One-time use.

Competitive Use

Normal Gem is best appreciated by Normal-type Pokemon such as Staraptor, as their main STAB attack will deal a lot of damage. Unfortunately, Normal Gem is a one-use item, and is usually outclassed by other offensive items such as Life Orb, Choice Band, Choice Specs, and Expert Belt. There are a few other niche uses of Normal Gem. The Unburden Hitmonlee set utilizes the Normal Gem to boost the power of Fake Out, while also activating Hitmonlee's ability to raise its Speed in the process. Another common use is the presence of the item on suicide leads, or in general, users of Explosion, namely Stealth Rock Azelf, Metagross, and Landorus, so the user can boast a hefty amount of damage, almost OHKOing anything that doesn't resist it or have an unusually high Defense stat. However, it is not used much outside of that as Normal is a lackluster attacking type and most Pokemon will prefer the other Gems or Life Orb.

In Smogon's single battle metagames, the relatively longer-paced games and the lack of Item Clause hinders the effectiveness of the item, and as such Life Orb is often preferred; however, in VGC, the item sees a lot more use for its greater immediate power without drawbacks. In addition to the uses listed above, it is also used to boost the STAB moves of Pokemon such as Kangaskhan, Ambipom, and Lickilicky, as well as, if you are feeling particularly brave, boosting the power of Porygon-Z's Hyper Beam to ridiculously high levels.


Occur randomly in Dust Clouds.