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Occa Berry


When held by a Pokemon, reduces the power of a damaging Fire-type move that would hit the holder for super effective damage by 50%. Consumed after use. Natural Gift becomes a 60 Base Power Fire-type attack when the user holds this Berry, but the Berry is consumed after use.

Competitive Use

Occa Berry can be helpful for Pokemon who are weak towards Fire-type moves, such as Scizor, Ferrothorn, Escavalier, and Metagross. With an Occa Berry, these Pokemon can survive a potentially fatal attack and then strike back. However, the first three Pokemon have a 4x weakness towards Fire-type moves, and would still take severe damage. Ferrothorn would much prefer Leftovers than Occa Berry, and is still weak towards Fighting-types moves, and the other three would miss out on items such as Life Orb and Choice Band. In fast-paced metagames like VGC, Occa Berry is far more useful, as surviving even one attack can be crucial; however, in standard singles metagames, Occa Berry is not really worth it.


Wild Mawile and Pansage (5%).

Receive from Fennel on first visit to Dream World—however, you only get one of the seventeen damage-reducing Berries, and this event cannot be repeated. If you do not receive an Occa Berry in this way, you must trade for it using Share Shelves in the Dream World.