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Red Card


The opponent is forced out immediately if it attacks the holder. The holder of this item will still take damage from the attack. One-time use.

Competitive Use

Because it is a one-use item, Red Card is not very useful in competitive battles. However, it can still be marginally useful as a last-resort method on stall teams. The ability to phaze out the opponent without using a move not only racks up entry hazard damage on the foe, but it can also be a lifesaver by forcing dangerous sweepers and wallbreakers out, allowing the stall player to gain some momentum. It can also be used with entry hazard stackers, in order to gain a more favorable opponent and hopefully give the holder more time to set up. In particular, it can be a nice item for Pokemon with the Sturdy ability, such as Skarmory and Forretress. At full health, these two Pokemon will never be KOed by an attack and can proceed to set up Spikes or Stealth Rock while simultaneously phazing away the foe. However, most of the Pokemon mentioned would prefer to use Leftovers instead of Red Card, as Leftovers allows them to gain health over time.


Battle Subway, 32 BP.