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Rocky Helmet


The holder will deal damage to the opponent equal to 1/6 of their maximum HP if the holder is hit by a contact move. Stacks with Iron Barbs or Rough Skin. If the holder is hit multiple times by the same move, for example by Tail Slap, then the holder will deal damage on every hit. If the opponent uses any of Bug Bite, Circle Throw, Dragon Tail, Pluck, Rapid Spin, SmellingSalt, or Wake-Up Slap, and then immediately faints due to the damage from Rocky Helmet, then the effect of that move will not take place. This is not the case for moves that would inflict status, flinch, or drain HP. The damage dealt is not blocked by Substitute.

Competitive Use

Rocky Helmet actually deals a rather significant amount of damage, when you think about it—certainly, killing a Pokemon in six hits is a considerable boon to a defensive Pokemon. Or rather, it would be, were it not for the fact that most defensive Pokemon will mourn the loss of Leftovers far more than they will enjoy the benefits of Rocky Helmet. Hence, you won't find it used much—although, Pokemon with Rough Skin or Iron Barbs will sometimes like this item, as the opponent will be taking damage not only from their ability, but also from their item, wearing them down pretty quickly. However, this requires the Pokemon to be able to take more than one hit before keeling over—which is limited, in terms of Rough Skin or Iron Barbs users, to Ferrothorn and Druddigon.


Cold Storage - Talk to man in alleyway.