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Salac Berry


If the holder's HP hits or falls below 25%, this Berry will raise the holder's Speed by one stage. Consumed after use. Natural Gift becomes an 80 Base Power Fighting-type attack when the user holds this Berry, but the Berry is consumed after use.

Competitive Use

Salac Berry has always traditionally been the most usable of the pinch Berries, though in the standard BW metagame, that's not saying much. In theory, you can run incredible sets like Reversal Heracross, which consist of a Heracross repeatedly using Substitute or Endure to get down to 1 HP, activating Salac Berry, and sweeping with a 200 Base Power STAB Reversal alongside Swarm-boosted Megahorn, possibly alongside a Swords Dance boost—certainly, at low HP, Speed is probably the most useful boost you could be getting. However, priority is rampant in the competitive scene, not to mention other forms of damage such as sandstorm, and pinch Berry sweepers are extremely susceptible to being picked off before they can attack. Thus, I'm afraid that even the most dedicated of sets are not really worth it any longer. Still, it could be worth it for the surprise factor, or even the nostalgia.


Join Avenue - Purchase from Florist (BW2).