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Shed Shell


Allows the holder to bypass all trapping effects, namely Ingrain, Arena Trap, Magnet Pull, Shadow Tag, Block, Mean Look, Spider Web, Bind, Clamp, Fire Spin, Magma Storm, Sand Tomb, Whirlpool, or Wrap. Pokemon that have used Ingrain or have the ability Suction Cups are still not affected by Roar and Whirlwind. A Pokemon locked into Ice Ball, Outrage, Petal Dance, Rollout, Thrash, or Uproar will still not be able to switch out.

Competitive Use

Shed Shell is an item often looked upon as one of necessity rather than merit. Just as some were willing to use Magneton in ADV for the sole purpose of trapping the deadly Skarmory, so too in BW are people willing to use Shed Shell solely to allow their Skarmory to escape the clutches of the dreaded Magnezone. In short, Shed Shell is a good item for those paranoid people who want their Skarmory to escape the clutches of Magnezone or for Blissey to flee the wrath of Dugtrio, and are willing to sacrifice Leftovers recovery to make it so. Shed Shell is an excellent item if your opponent has a trapper, but if it doesn't, it's pretty much dead weight, unfortunately. The relatively high presence of trappers in the OU metagame coupled with the importance of keeping your weather starter out of Dugtrio's grasp makes Shed Shell somewhat viable, and an occasional alternative to Leftovers, but is rarely seen in any other tier.

It should be noted, perhaps, that in the unofficial Dream World metagame, the presence of Shadow Tag Chandelure means that many Pokemon, such as Breloom, will use Shed Shell in order to avoid being trapped—the mere presence of this threat is enough to make Shed Shell a far more common item choice than it is in any of Smogon's standard metagames.


Wild Venomoth, Beautifly, Dustox, Scraggy, and Scrafty (5%).