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If held by Farfetch'd, this item raises the critical hit ratio of the holder by two stages. No effect if held by any other Pokemon.

Competitive Use

Nifty item. Farfetch'd has plenty of high critical hit ratio moves too, such as Slash, Night Slash, and Leaf Blade. It's even useful if you don't use these moves, as you still get a high chance of a critical hit. The downside? You have to use Farfetch'd. Who is about as competitive as Sunkern. If an even remotely more usable Pokemon could use this item it would see a great deal more use—but as it is, it is relegated to one of the most awful Pokemon in the game, and it really isn't salvageable.


Route 13 (talk to Treasure Hunter - you receive one random treasure every day).

Wild Farfetch'd (5%).