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Toxic Plate


A hold item that increases the Base Power of all Poison-type moves by 20%. When held by a Pokemon with the Multitype ability, the holder's type will change to Poison.

Competitive Use

Poison Arceus might seem like a joke at first due to Poison-type's horrible offensive coverage as well as the abundance of Psychic-types in Ubers, but it has a solid niche in being able to remove Toxic Spikes, crippling to most other Pokemon, just by stepping on the field. Its immunity to being poisoned also comes in handy elsewhere, allowing it to blow past walls such as Blissey quite easily with Calm Mind and act as a decent supporting Pokemon.

However, it is generally useless aside from Arceus, as most other Poison-types find the power boost from Toxic Plate to be too menial.


Abyssal Ruins, 1F.