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Wave Incense


Increases the power of all of the holder's damage-dealing Water-type attacks by 20%. If Mantine breeds while holding Wave Incense, a Mantyke Egg will be produced as opposed to a Mantine Egg.

Competitive Use

Wave Incense is practically identical to Mystic Water, as they both boost Water-type moves by 20%. In any case, Wave Incense is not used much in competitive battles. It is often outclassed by items such as Choice Band and Choice Specs, which boost the power of physical and special moves by 1.5, respectively, and Life Orb, which boosts the power of all moves by 1.3. Although these three items do come with negative effects, it is generally better to use them over a Wave Incense.


Driftveil Market (Post-National Pokédex) - 9,600 Poké Dollars.