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Yache Berry


When held by a Pokemon, reduces the power of a damaging Ice-type move that would hit the holder for super effective damage by 50%. Consumed after use. If the holder uses the move Natural Gift, this Berry will provide a one-time 60 Base Power Ice-type attack.

Competitive Use

Oh, that Yache Berry. Thought by many to be largely responsible for Garchomp's banishment to Ubers in DPP and, in tandem with Sand Veil, in BW—between Sand Veil and Yache Berry, in a sandstorm Garchomp was likely to be able to survive two attacks, even an Ice-type attack, allowing it to set up Swords Dance and smash through a weakened or slower team. Even now, Garchomp will often find use for Yache Berry in Ubers, to soften an Ice Beam while setting up for a sweep, and its spiritual successor, Salamence, can also use Yache Berry in OU to soften a blow while setting up Dragon Dance; however, the top Dragon in OU, Dragonite, generally finds it rather unnecessary owing to its Multiscale ability.

Yache Berry is also commonly found in VGC, where Garchomp itself, Landorus, and other Ice-weak Pokemon can use it to take a Blizzard and retaliate swiftly—the ability to survive an attack, especially when setting up is generally a bad idea owing to the fast-paced nature of the metagame, can be crucial.


Receive from Fennel on first visit to Dream World—however, you only get one of the seventeen damage-reducing Berries, and this event cannot be repeated. If you do not receive a Rindo Berry in this way, you must trade for it using Share Shelves in the Dream World.

Wild Starly (5%).