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Dual Chop

Type Power Accuracy PP Priority Damage Target
Dragon 40 90% 15 0 Physical Single non-user


Deals damage and always hits twice unless the target is KOed by the first hit. Each hit is treated as a separate attack, and thus abilities such as Weak Armor will activate twice, and this move can KO through Focus Sash and Sturdy. If the first hit breaks a Substitute, the attack will continue to damage the target. Each hit has a separate flinch rate if used with King's Rock or Stench, and a separate critical hit chance. If the target holds a Haban, Jaboca, or Enigma Berry, it will only affect the first hit of this move. However, the items Life Orb and Metronome treat both hits as a single attack, and Color Change will only activate on the second hit of the move.

Competitive Use

A new move introduced in BW, Dual Chop hits two times on the same turn, with the same power overall as Dragon Claw. However, it has lower accuracy and worse distribution than Dragon Claw, with Garchomp and Haxorus being the only fully evolved users. Theoretically, it could be used to break Substitutes, and is typically seen on both of the above Pokemon as a more reliable complement to their powerful Outrage attacks. This is, however, only for lack of a better option, and even so, many battlers elect to use the more reliable Dragon Claw instead.

Related Moves

Outrage is a much more powerful alternative that locks the user into battle for 2-3 turns, confusing it afterwards.

Dragon Claw is another option with higher accuracy but no additional effect.

Double Hit is a similar Normal-type move with lower Base Power.

Pokémon Type Tier Abilities HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe BST
Axew Dragon LC Rivalry / Mold Breaker / Unnerve 46 87 60 30 40 57 320
Fraxure Dragon NU Rivalry / Mold Breaker / Unnerve 66 117 70 40 50 67 410
Gabite Dragon / Ground NU Sand Veil / Rough Skin 68 90 65 50 55 82 410
Garchomp Dragon / Ground OU Sand Veil / Rough Skin 108 130 95 80 85 102 600
Haxorus Dragon OU Rivalry / Mold Breaker / Unnerve 76 147 90 60 70 97 540