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Freeze Shock

Type Power Accuracy PP Priority Damage Target
Ice 140 90% 5 0 Physical Single non-user


Deals damage and has a 30% chance to paralyze the target. This attack charges on the first turn and strikes on the second. The user cannot make a move between turns. If the user is holding a Power Herb, the move completes in one turn. If the move is prevented from being used after the user has charged up, then the entire move is canceled, but PP is not deducted, and it does not count as the last move used.

Competitive Use

Freeze Shock is Kyurem-B's only choice for a physical Ice-type attack to use its legendary Attack stat. It could be useful as a filler option, as Kyurem-B suffers from the lack of physical moves to fill all of its moveslots. The unfortunate thing about this move though is that although the Base Power of this move is very high and has good accuracy, this move requires a turn to charge. This makes Kyurem-B vulnerable to an attack, and it also allows the opponent to switch in to a Pokemon that resists Ice-type moves. The paralysis rate does come in handy at times, however.

Related Moves

Ice Beam is a more reliable attack with 95 Base Power that doesn't need a turn a set up.

Blizzard is an alternative with 120 Base Power as well as 70% accuracy and no charge period.

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