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Horn Leech

Type Power Accuracy PP Priority Damage Target
Grass 75 100% 10 0 Physical Single non-user


Deals damage. The user recovers half of the HP lost by the target, rounded up. If Big Root is held by the user, the HP recovered is 1.3x normal, rounded half down. If the target has the ability Liquid Ooze, no HP will be restored and the user will take damage instead.

Competitive Use

Horn Leech is an extremely useful move unique to Sawsbuck. It is powerful, accurate, and its secondary healing pairs well with a Life Orb, aiding Sawsbuck's sweeping potential greatly. It is also the only physical Grass-type move that Sawsbuck learns, and is an excellent choice on every set.

Related Moves

Leaf Blade is a stronger alternative that does not heal the user.

Power Whip is a much stronger but less accurate alternative that does not heal the user.

Giga Drain is a special Grass-type equivalent.

Pokémon Type Tier Abilities HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe BST
Sawsbuck Normal / Grass NU Chlorophyll / Sap Sipper / Serene Grace 80 100 70 60 70 95 475