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Magic Room

Type Power Accuracy PP Priority Damage Target
Psychic - - 10 -7 - All


When Magic Room is activated, held items cease to have an effect for the move's duration. Using Magic Room while the effects are already active will cause the effects to cease. All Pokemon on the field are affected by these effects, even in doubles and triples. This move has a priority of -7. If a Pokemon with Prankster uses Magic Room, this move has a priority of -6. Under Magic Room, Natural Gift and Fling will fail if used, but the exchange of items (eg. through Thief or Trick) will still be possible. Berries can still be consumed through Pluck or Bug Bite. If a Pokemon has a Choice item, they can switch between attacks while Magic Room is active, but once the effect ceases, they will be re-locked on whatever move they were locked on before Magic Room was used. If this move is used during the effect, the effect ends.

Competitive Use

Magic Room has little competitive use. It is outclassed by Embargo, which does not affect the user. Furthermore, preventing items effects is not a powerful strategy, since most items are not central to a strategy.

Related Moves

Embargo is another move that prevent item use, though it only affects the target until the target switches out.

Pokémon Type Tier Abilities HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe BST
Gothita Psychic LC Frisk / Shadow Tag 45 30 50 55 65 45 290
Gothitelle Psychic BL Frisk / Shadow Tag 70 55 95 95 110 65 490
Gothorita Psychic NU Frisk / Shadow Tag 60 45 70 75 85 55 390
Lunatone Rock / Psychic NU Levitate 70 55 65 95 85 70 440
Mime Jr. Psychic LC Soundproof / Filter / Technician 20 25 45 70 90 60 310
Mr. Mime Psychic NU Soundproof / Filter / Technician 40 45 65 100 120 90 460