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Type Power Accuracy PP Priority Damage Target
Normal - - 10 0 - Single non-user


The user copies the move that the target last used, with max PP. This move replaces Mimic in the user's movepool and persists until the user either faints or switches out. Mimic fails if the user has transformed or if the target has not made a move. Mimic cannot copy Chatter, Mimic, Sketch, Struggle, or Transform. This move cannot be blocked by Substitute.

Mimic Glitch

It is worth noting that in Japanese versions of Diamond and Pearl, a glitch occurs which allows any Pokemon with Mimic to learn any move or combination of moves that it wants to. First, the Pokemon with Mimic copies the move Transform, and then uses Transform on the Pokemon with the moveset it wishes to copy (typically Smeargle). If the Mimic user then faints, but the player wins the battle, the Mimic user then will know all the moves it copied permanently. In addition, if you then transfer said Pokemon to Black or White, after having copied Sketch, you can then learn one BW exclusive move. For example, you can have an Ursaring with ExtremeSpeed and V-create, or a Machamp with Sheer Cold. This is exploited to its fullest extent in the Street Pokemon metagame, where all of these combinations are legal, as they are technically possible on the cartridges without an external hacking device.

Competitive Use

Mimic has little competitive use. First of all, the copied move resets when the user switches out, meaning even if the user copies a good move, it will not have it for the entire battle. Second, Mimic is often a wasted moveslot since the Pokemon will prefer a more reliable coverage move.

Related Moves

Copycat is a similar move that copies the last successfully executed move used in the battle.

Me First is a similar move that copies the move that the target selects and uses the target's move at 1.5x power.

Mirror Move is a similar move that immediately uses the last move that the opponent used to target the user.

Pokémon Type Tier Abilities HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe BST
Bonsly Rock LC Sturdy / Rock Head / Rattled 50 80 95 10 45 10 290
Chatot Normal / Flying NU Keen Eye / Tangled Feet / Big Pecks 76 65 45 92 42 91 411
Clefable Normal RU Cute Charm / Magic Guard / Unaware 95 70 73 85 90 60 473
Cleffa Normal LC Cute Charm / Magic Guard / Friend Guard 50 25 28 45 55 15 218
Granbull Normal NU Intimidate / Quick Feet / Rattled 90 120 75 60 60 45 450
Mime Jr. Psychic LC Soundproof / Filter / Technician 20 25 45 70 90 60 310
Mr. Mime Psychic NU Soundproof / Filter / Technician 40 45 65 100 120 90 460
Snubbull Normal LC Intimidate / Run Away / Rattled 60 80 50 40 40 30 300
Sudowoodo Rock NU Sturdy / Rock Head / Rattled 70 100 115 30 65 30 410
Wigglytuff Normal NU Cute Charm / Frisk 140 70 45 75 50 45 425