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Shadow Punch

Type Power Accuracy PP Priority Damage Target
Ghost 60 - 20 0 Physical Single non-user


Deals damage and ignores all accuracy and evasion modifiers. Damage is boosted to 1.2x by the ability Iron Fist.

Competitive Use

Shadow Punch is an outclassed move. It is almost never used as a coverage move due to the existence of Shadow Claw, which has higher Base Power and a higher critical hit ratio. Another detriment to Shadow Punch is the fact that most of the Pokemon who receive Shadow Punch are either specially-based attackers, like the Gengar family, or rarely have an attacking move outside of Night Shade, like Dusclops. However, Shadow Punch does find use, almost ironically, on more Pokemon as a physical Ghost STAB move than Shadow Claw does. Thanks to Iron Fist, Golurk can make great use of Shadow Punch as a reliable STAB move alongside Earthquake and Focus Punch for coverage. Dusknoir, who lacks Shadow Claw in its movepool, also enjoys Shadow Punch in its arsenal, particularly in RU, where with some Attack investment ensures the 2HKO on Cryogonal, one of the most dangerous spinners in the tier.

Related Moves

Shadow Claw is a more powerful alternative with a high critical hit ratio.

Aerial Ace is a Flying-type equivalent.

Faint Attack is a Dark-type equivalent.

Magnet Bomb is a Steel-type equivalent.

Magical Leaf is a special Grass-type equivalent.

Shock Wave is a special Electric-type equivalent.

Swift is a special Normal-type equivalent.

Pokémon Type Tier Abilities HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe BST
Dusclops Ghost UU Pressure 40 70 130 60 130 25 455
Dusknoir Ghost RU Pressure 45 100 135 65 135 45 525
Gengar Ghost / Poison OU Levitate 60 65 60 130 75 110 500
Golett Ground / Ghost LC Iron Fist / Klutz / No Guard 59 74 50 35 50 35 303
Golurk Ground / Ghost NU Iron Fist / Klutz / No Guard 89 124 80 55 80 55 483
Grimer Poison LC Stench / Sticky Hold / Poison Touch 80 80 50 40 50 25 325
Haunter Ghost / Poison NU Levitate 45 50 45 115 55 95 405
Muk Poison NU Stench / Sticky Hold / Poison Touch 105 105 75 65 100 50 500