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Shift Gear

Type Power Accuracy PP Priority Damage Target
Steel - - 10 0 - User


Boosts the user's Speed by two stages and Attack by one stage.

Competitive Use

Shift Gear is one of the best boosting moves in the game; +2 Speed and +1 Attack with no drawbacks is a godsend to any physical sweeper. Unfortunately, Shift Gear is limited to only the Klinklang family and Smeargle. Shift Gear is about the only reason why Klinklang is even usable. Otherwise, Klinklang would not hit nearly hard enough with Gear Grind, Return would do pitiful damage, and it would be much easier to revenge kill due to its middling Speed. However, with Shift Gear, Klinklang is a fearsome sweeper in RU. Smeargle can also take advantage of Shift Gear in RU, as it is unable to pass Shell Smash, and can use Shift Gear to effectively help a physical sweeper like Gallade or Entei sweep through teams.

Pokémon Type Tier Abilities HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe BST
Klang Steel NU Plus / Minus / Clear Body 60 80 95 70 85 50 440
Klink Steel LC Plus / Minus / Clear Body 40 55 70 45 60 30 300
Klinklang Steel RU Plus / Minus / Clear Body 60 100 115 70 85 90 520