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Simple Beam

Type Power Accuracy PP Priority Damage Target
Normal - 100% 15 0 - Single non-user


Changes the target's ability to Simple. Fails if the target's ability is Multitype, Simple, or Truant. Pokemon protected by Magic Coat or the ability Magic Bounce are unaffected and instead redirect this move back to the user. The effect is lost if the target switches out.

Competitive Use

Simple Beam should never be considered for competitive singles play. There are very few Pokemon who receive this move, and not all of them are viable in any tier, including NU. The worst part of this move is that you are giving the opponent what is actually a usable ability. If a Pokemon uses Simple Beam on a Pokemon that can set up, the target can now set up twice as fast, and the ability it loses will usually not be necessary after it gains the ability to be able to sweep the Simple Beam user's team easily. In singles, Simple Beam is always outclassed by Worry Seed and Gastro Acid.

It's a different story completely in doubles and triples though. While finding the time to set up in the fast paced metagames of doubles and triples is usually impossible, should your team be based around setting up a sweeper, having a Pokemon with Simple Beam on your team is an awesome, and unexpected, tool. The best part is that it can act double as an ability remover like Gastro Acid and Worry Seed.

Related Moves

Worry Seed is an equivalent that gives the target the ability Insomnia.

Pokémon Type Tier Abilities HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe BST
Audino Normal NU Healer / Regenerator / Klutz 103 60 86 60 86 50 445
Beheeyem Psychic NU Telepathy / Synchronize / Analytic 75 75 75 125 95 40 485
Delcatty Normal NU Cute Charm / Normalize / Wonder Skin 70 65 65 55 55 70 380
Elgyem Psychic LC Telepathy / Synchronize / Analytic 55 55 55 85 55 30 335
Genesect Bug / Steel Uber Download 71 120 95 120 95 99 600
Linoone Normal NU Pickup / Gluttony / Quick Feet 78 70 61 50 61 100 420
Skitty Normal LC Cute Charm / Normalize / Wonder Skin 50 45 45 35 35 50 260
Zigzagoon Normal LC Pickup / Gluttony / Quick Feet 38 30 41 30 41 60 240