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Type Power Accuracy PP Priority Damage Target
Grass - 100% 15 0 - Single non-user


Puts the target to sleep. Pokemon protected by Magic Coat or the ability Magic Bounce are unaffected and instead use this move themselves. Pokemon with the abilities Insomnia or Vital Spirit are immune.

Competitive Use

Spore is the only 100% accurate sleep inducing move in the game. With the new sleep mechanics in Black and White, Spore can be used to devastating effect, incapacitating your opponent and buying you time to either set up a Substitute or a stat boost. Breloom is arguably the best user, typically using Substitute while the opponent switches fearing a Spore, almost guaranteeing that Breloom will pull off a Spore. Smeargle is also a viable user; it can outspeed common slow walls and put them to sleep, allowing it to pull off several stat boosts and Baton Pass them to a teammate.

Related Moves

Sing is a less accurate Normal-type equivalent.

Hypnosis is a less accurate Psychic-type equivalent.

Sleep Powder is a less accurate Grass-type equivalent.

GrassWhistle is a less accurate Grass-type equivalent.

Dark Void is a less accurate Dark-type equivalent that hits both Pokemon in double battles.

Lovely Kiss is a less accurate Normal-type equivalent.

Pokémon Type Tier Abilities HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe BST
Amoonguss Grass / Poison RU Effect Spore / Regenerator 114 85 70 85 80 30 464
Breloom Grass / Fighting OU Effect Spore / Poison Heal / Technician 60 130 80 60 60 70 460
Foongus Grass / Poison LC Effect Spore / Regenerator 69 55 45 55 55 15 294
Paras Bug / Grass LC Effect Spore / Dry Skin / Damp 35 70 55 45 55 25 285
Parasect Bug / Grass NU Effect Spore / Dry Skin / Damp 60 95 80 60 80 30 405
Shroomish Grass LC Effect Spore / Poison Heal / Quick Feet 60 40 60 40 60 35 295