Enemy attacks lose one extra PP. Increases wild encounter rate.
Type Tier
Psychic Uber
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 241 304 -
203 226 289 317
194 216 279 306
203 226 289 317
194 216 279 306
356 396 459 504
  • Uber


The fifth generation was definitely not kind to Pokemon's sovereign of speed. Newcomers with fantastic abilities—Prankster and Magic Bounce, the former used by Thundurus-I and Sableye, and the latter used by Xatu and Espeon—mess with the alien in its Speed forme. Additionally, BW brought Team Preview with it, drastically hindering Deoxys-S's main role as a lead, as your foe can simply change its lineup order to effectively counter Deoxys-S's attempts. Lack of offensive prowess also puts Deoxys-S in a disadvantage versus most of Ubers's threats. Yet, Deoxys-S still remains one of the best leads in the game. With a gigantic arsenal of support moves, such as Stealth Rock, Spikes, Magic Coat, Taunt, Reflect, and Light Screen, under its belt, Deoxys is a real team player. Its Speed stat is unmatched and allows it to outspeed Ubers's finest Choice Scarf users, Genesect and Palkia. Play carefully with or against Deoxys-S, as with every turn that goes by, another layer of entry hazards is set or another turn of a screen is wasted.

Name Item Nature

Hazard Lead

Focus Sash Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Spikes / Stealth Rock
~ Magic Coat / Stealth Rock
~ Taunt
~ Fire Punch
252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe

Faster than the entire game, has access to two forms of entry hazards, can combat opposing entry hazard leads with Magic Coat and Taunt—what more can you ask for? Deoxys-S is the epitome of Pokemon's entry hazard leads, and because of that, this is what you'd call Deoxys-S's standard set. As Deoxys-S is faster than Genesect, a commonly seen Choice Scarf user, it can utilize Fire Punch to leave a huge dent in Genesect, as it only has 12.5% chance to survive. Taunt and Magic Coat are mainly to combat opposing entry hazard leads. However, both come with a bonus: Taunt stops setup boosters like Arceus and Rayquaza and Magic Coat can play mindgames with opposing Deoxys-S and cripple Prankster users, namely Tornadus, Thundurus, and Sableye. Spikes is a fantastic entry hazard that many teams appreciate, and allows many Pokemon to sweep effectively. Stealth Rock is another entry hazard Deoxys-S gets access to, however, it is less preferred as Stealth Rock is not a rare sight in many other Pokemon's movepools. Fire Punch is better than Hidden Power Fire, as it will do more damage to Excadrill, a common spinner.

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Name Item Nature

Dual Screens

Light Clay Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Reflect
~ Light Screen
~ Taunt
~ Stealth Rock / Fire Punch
252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spe

Like the previous set, Deoxys-S utilizes its gigantic Speed stat in order to aid teams, however, this set is meant to aid hyper offensive teams more than balanced teams. Hyper offensive teams use the pressure created by multiple setup sweepers in order to overwhelm the opponent's team with boosted attacks. Thus, the combination of Reflect and Light Screen is perfect for said teams. By halving the power of opponent's attacks for eight turns with Light Clay, Deoxys-S grants its teammates enough time to set up and pull off a sweep. Taunt is used to stop opposing setup sweepers like Rayquaza and Arceus. Stealth Rock is the most basic entry hazard and is necessary for offensive teams in order to break Focus Sash users and get pinch damage. Fire Punch can be used to severely damage Forretress and Genesect.

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Name Item Nature


Choice Scarf Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Trick
~ Spikes
~ Taunt
~ Fire Punch / Superpower
252 HP / 148 Def / 100 SpD / 8 Spe

Deoxys-S's Speed makes it viable as a Choice Scarf user. Yes, this is no joke. The same way you did not see this coming, your opponent will not as well! Thanks to its unparalleled Speed, when equipped with Choice Scarf, it is almost guaranteed that Deoxys-S will move first, allowing it to Trick away its Choice Scarf to an opposing lead, or, more importantly, an enemy setup sweeper. Trick helps Deoxys-S buy time to set up Spikes on a Choice-locked setup move, such as Rock Polish or Stealth Rock. Even without Tricking away its Choice Scarf, Deoxys-S can use the bulk it now has to just rapidly stack up Spikes. Taunt also helps in shutting the locked Pokemon down completely, forcing them to use Struggle. It also helps stop opposing entry hazard leads, such as Deoxys-S, Forretress, or Froslass. Fire Punch allows Deoxys-S to get damage on Genesect and other entry hazard Pokemon, such as Forretress and Ferrothorn. However, Superpower helps Deoxys-S get damage on Darkrai, Tyranitar, and Dialga, which can come in handy.

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Other Options

An offensive set with Life Orb as its item consisting moves such as Psycho Boost, Ice Beam, Superpower, Grass Knot, Thunder, Dark Pulse, Hidden Power Fire, or Fire Punch can be used in order to make use of Deoxys-S's ridiculously high Speed stat, which allows it to outpace common threats such as Mewtwo, Darkrai, Rayquaza, and all Choice Scarf users up to base 100 Speed. Nasty Plot can be used to boost Deoxys-S's usable Special Attack, but it won't be able to find the time to boost and do enough damage. However, as mentioned before, Deoxys-S's offensive presence is lackluster, so you'd probably be better off using another attacker. Skill Swap can be used to catch Magic Bounce and Prankster users, such as Xatu, Espeon, and Sableye on the switch, making Deoxys-S's job much easier to do. Counter and Magic Coat help Deoxys-S use its mediocre bulk and lack of offensive prowess in order to eliminate certain targets or U-turn switches, but require a decent amount of prediction.

Checks and Counters

Due to Deoxys-S's lack of offensive presence, countering it pretty much means to not enable it from setting up multiple layers of entry hazards. Therefore, Xatu makes a phenomenal counter (as long as Deoxys-S doesn't have Skill Swap!); it doesn't take much from Fire Punch, has Roost to recover lost damage, and thanks to its Magic Bounce ability, it completely messes Deoxys-S up by bouncing Taunt or entry hazards back. Espeon also has Magic Bounce which can be very useful if you manage to evade Fire Punch, as lack of recovery and lackluster defenses means that the damage will stack and Espeon will no longer be able to do its job. Tentacruel is also a brilliant way to beat Deoxys-S. Thanks to its high Special Defense, it can easily shrug many Psycho Boosts, it resists Fire Punch, carries Rapid Spin, and if rain is up, it can gain lost health back quickly.

Magic Bounce, however, is not the only new ability the fifth generation has brought. Prankster users now have priority for non-attacking moves, making Taunt usually go first. Thus, Tornadus-I, Thundurus-I, and Sableye are brilliant ways to attempt to block Deoxys-S's attempts. Be wary though, Deoxys-S can use Magic Coat to bounce back Taunt, throwing your attempts to waste. Another extremely effective way to limit Deoxys-S's setup turns is by utilizing priority. Giratina-O's Shadow Sneak is a guaranteed 2HKO, whereas Deoxys-S cannot do much in return. ExtremeSpeed Rayquaza or Arceus formes are also effective, as thanks to the Fire-type resistance or high bulk, Deoxys-S won't do much in return. Scizor does not like Fire Punch but Deoxys-S does not OHKO 200 HP variants, whereas they 2HKO with Bullet Punch. All of the aforementioned priority users are also capable of finishing off a weakened Deoxys-S.

Dedicated anti-leads like Froslass, Deoxys-A, and Cloyster are capable of limiting Deoxys-S to a single layer of entry hazards. Tyranitar, while not liking Superpower, brings Deoxys-S down to its Focus Sash with its STAB Crunch, and thanks to its Sand Stream ability, sandstorm damage finishes Deoxys-S off. A Magic Coat coming from Pokemon such as Arceus, Giratina-O, Latias, Latios, and Mewtwo can surprise Deoxys-S and bounce back its moves. Opposing Deoxys formes can also run Magic Coat, engaging a mindgame each turn. Deoxys-S's high base Speed means that if you want to revenge kill it with a Choice Scarf user, you can't just use any ordinary one. Common users of Choice Scarf such as Salamence, Palkia, and Genesect are outsped. For a Choice Scarf Pokemon to outspeed Deoxys-S, it must have a Speed stat of more than 337. This means that Terrakion, Mewtwo, Shaymin-S, and Darkrai all outspeed Deoxys-S with a Choice Scarf equipped.