Prevents sleep.
Tells which of the opponent's moves has the highest Base Power.
Inner Focus
Prevents flinching.
Type Tier
Psychic NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 311 374 -
163 182 245 269
158 176 239 262
163 182 245 269
239 266 329 361
153 170 233 256


Hypno is a decent specially defensive wall, despite facing competition from Grumpig, Audino, and Lickilicky. It is one of the better Jynx counters, being immune to Lovely Kiss, and does a similarly good job against other special attackers such as Charizard. However, it is extremely vulnerable to status and has unimpressive physical bulk. Its low HP stat also makes it a mediocre Wish passer, and its poor offensive stats leave it setup fodder against the likes of Misdreavus and Scraggy.

Name Item Ability Nature

Specially Defensive

Leftovers Insomnia Calm
Moveset EVs
~ Wish
~ Protect
~ Thunder Wave / Toxic
~ Foul Play / Seismic Toss
252 HP / 52 Def / 204 SpD

Hypno has good special bulk, allowing it to come in on special attackers and disrupt them. Wish is Hypno's recovery move, but should not be relied on to support its teammates due to Hypno's low HP stat. Protect allows Hypno to receive its own Wishes, scout for moves, and gain Leftovers recovery. Thunder Wave allows Hypno to cripple fast offensive threats such as Jynx and Primeape and support the team. On the other hand, Toxic lets Hypno wear down opposing walls such as Tangela. The last moveslot is reserved for an attacking move to prevent Hypno from being Taunt bait and setup fodder. Foul Play allows Hypno to hit Ghost-types and OHKO Choice Band Golurk but leaves it helpless against Fighting-types such as Gurdurr and Scraggy. Meanwhile, Seismic Toss can deal with these threats but leaves Hypno vulnerable to Ghost-types such as Misdreavus as well as Pokemon with 101 HP Substitutes, such as Braviary.

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Other Options

Magic Coat is a good option to reflect status moves and Taunt back at the opponent. An offensive Nasty Plot set can be used, but it is outclassed by more powerful Pokemon such as Beheeyem and Jynx. A Calm Mind set can be used, but it is held back by Hypno's poor physical bulk, vulnerability to status, and reliance on Wish and Protect for recovery, limiting its coverage. Hypno gets Baton Pass and is able to pass Nasty Plot and Calm Mind boosts, but it faces competition from Mr. Mime, which is faster and has Soundproof. Hypno can use Trick Room, but its poor offenses mean it cannot utilize it effectively, and it is again outclassed by Beheeyem. Hypnosis can be used, but it is inaccurate and takes up a moveslot that can be better spent on more beneficial status moves. Disable can be used to annoy Choice-locked Pokemon, but Hypno's low Speed holds this strategy back a little. Switcheroo can be used with a crippling item such as Choice Specs or Flame Orb, but this prevents Hypno from doing its job of walling effectively. Finally, Belly Drum is the ultimate gimmick and can be set up with relative ease due to Hypno's good special bulk and Wish, but once again, Hypno's low Speed holds it back.

Checks and Counters

Skuntank and Liepard are the best counters to Hypno as long as they avoid Thunder Wave, as they can Taunt and Encore Hypno respectively before Pursuit trapping it. Scraggy and Gurdurr can set up on Hypno that use Foul Play, while Nasty Plot Misdreavus and Pokemon with 101 HP Substitutes such as Substitute + Bulk Up Braviary can set up on variants that use Seismic Toss. Taunt users are able to shut down Hypno. Mandibuzz and Misdreavus do so effectively, with the former taking little damage from Foul Play and the latter being immune to Seismic Toss. Powerful physical attackers such as Pinsir and Scolipede can also defeat Hypno, but they must be wary of switching into Thunder Wave. If Hypno lacks Taunt, Pokemon such as Substitute + Shell Smash Gorebyss and Klang can set up on it. Toxic Spikes and Toxic are excellent ways to cripple Hypno. Scolipede is a good Pokemon to set up Toxic Spikes and can threaten to OHKO Hypno with Megahorn. Finally, powerful wallbreakers such as Ludicolo and Choice Band Sawk can still 2HKO Hypno with entry hazard support.