Speed doubles in sun.
Own Tempo
Prevents confusion.
Leaf Guard
Prevents status effects in sun.
Type Tier
Grass RU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 281 344 -
140 156 219 240
167 186 249 273
230 256 319 350
167 186 249 273
194 216 279 306


From the dawn of RU to the present day, Lilligant has been a top-tier threat. Excellent Special Attack and decent Speed combined with Quiver Dance make her a formidable sweeper after just a turn of boosting. Furthermore, she has access to the deadly Sleep Powder, allowing her to disable a surefire counter or provide extra setup opportunities. Unfortunately, it's not all a walk in the park for our flowery queen. Lilligant's mono-Grass typing leaves her with bad STAB coverage and weaknesses to common attacking types. Furthermore, her lack of secondary attacking options means she must rely on Hidden Power, which limits her ability to sweep. Despite these flaws, Lilligant is very dangerous once her checks and counters are removed and should always be played around carefully.

Name Item Ability Nature

Quiver Dance

Life Orb / Lum Berry Chlorophyll Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Quiver Dance
~ Sleep Powder
~ Giga Drain
~ Hidden Power Rock / Hidden Power Fire
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

Lilligant's stats make her a perfect user of Quiver Dance, being tailor-made for a move that raises her Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed one stage. As an added bonus, Lilligant also has access to Sleep Powder, enabling her to remove a troublesome check or counter as it switches in. These turns of sleep also create free opportunities to set up more. Giga Drain is Lilligant's most reliable STAB move and heals her in the process. Hidden Power Rock nets pretty good coverage alongside Giga Drain, hitting Fire-, Flying-, and Bug-types super effectively—such as Moltres and Entei—but misses out on Grass- and Steel-types. Alternatively, Hidden Power Fire hits Pokemon of these types, including Rotom-C and Escavalier, while also nailing Bug-types. It is especially useful early-game, when it can be used to lure out these Pokemon and remove them. Unfortunately, using it leaves Lilligant vulnerable to opposing Fire-types.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Scarf

Choice Scarf Own Tempo Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Sleep Powder
~ Leaf Storm
~ Hidden Power Rock / Hidden Power Fire
~ Healing Wish
252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

Thanks to her access to Quiver Dance and the fact that such a set is incredibly difficult to stop, most people often forget that Lilligant isn't necessarily limited to just being a Quiver Dance sweeper. By slapping a Choice Scarf on her, Lilligant becomes capable of far more than just acting as a simple setup sweeper. Thanks to her blistering Speed with a Choice Scarf attached, Lilligant is able to pull off certain support moves that she would otherwise be unable to do with her mediocre defenses, which allows her to support her teammates more effectively. Furthermore, although the lack of Quiver Dance will limit Lilligant's damage output, her naturally potent Special Attack stat still lets her dish out serious damage with her most powerful STAB attacks, both of which are generally not used on a Quiver Dance-based set.

Of the moves listed on this set, Sleep Powder is easily the most important. Thanks to the extra Speed boost provided by Choice Scarf, Sleep Powder is capable of serving a variety of new, useful purposes that Lilligant would otherwise be unable to use it for. For example, because Lilligant is able to outspeed almost every unboosted Pokemon in the RU metagame, and she can be used in the lead position to shut down virtually every hazard setter in the tier right on the first turn, so long as you do not get unlucky or they use the rare Lum Berry. Furthermore, the basically guaranteed use of Sleep Powder makes Lilligant an incredibly powerful force; putting an opponent to sleep right at the beginning of the game is very useful as long as they don't have a dedicated sleep absorber and/or you don't get unlucky. It will easily give you great early-game momentum.

Because Sleep Powder makes Lilligant the incredibly powerful force it is early-game, the rest of the set is designed to make Lilligant strong during the mid- or late-game after Sleep Powder has been used. Leaf Storm, coupled with Lilligant's incredible base 110 Special Attack, is the main move that gives Lilligant much of her mid-game utility. Its humongous power in tandem with Lilligant's blistering Speed lets Lilligant act as a great revenge killer to boosting sweepers such as Rock Polish Aggron. Hidden Power Rock and Hidden Power Fire are used to support Lilligant's revenge killing prowess by giving her the coverage to hit specific troublesome threats super effectively. Hidden Power Rock handles Sigilyph, Entei, Moltres, Magmortar, and Scyther, while also giving Lilligant some nice neutral coverage, while Hidden Power Fire hits Durant, Escavalier, Klinklang, Magneton, Rotom-C, and Sceptile hard. Note that a neutral Leaf Storm still hits harder than a 2x super effective Hidden Power, so Leaf Storm is still Lilligant's best option in most cases. However, while the combination of Leaf Storm and Lilligant's Hidden Power of choice will let her excel mid-game, it is Healing Wish that makes Lilligant so incredibly useful late-game. When Lilligant is at low health, she can use Healing Wish to bring back a weakened partner to full health, which can easily cause the game to end right then and there as that fully-healed Pokemon tears through the opponent's weakened team.

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Other Options

Hidden Power Ice hits Dragon-types like Druddigon, but otherwise offers poor coverage as it leaves Lilligant helpless against both Fire- and Steel-types. Leftovers is another interesting option, trading an immediate power boost for passive healing, which lets Lilligant set up more consistently. One can opt for a bulky spread of 252 HP / 188 Def / 68 Spe with a Timid nature to set up more easily, but it is usually not worth the loss in power. Lilligant can make good use of Choice Scarf or Choice Specs, utilizing moves such as Leaf Storm and Healing Wish. A Sunny Day set taking advantage of Chlorophyll could work, but without dedicated sun, Quiver Dance is more effective, and in sun, a more powerful sweeper like Sawsbuck or Victreebel is a better choice in her stead. Lilligant has various support options, including Aromatherapy, Healing Wish, Leech Seed, and Synthesis as well as the less conventional Light Screen and Stun Spore. Sadly, her bulk is rather subpar for a purely defensive set, and she is prone to being outclassed by fellow Grass-types like Tangrowth and Ferroseed.

Checks and Counters

Because of Lilligant's reliance on Hidden Power for coverage, many Pokemon wall her by virtue of their typing alone. Fire-types come in freely if Lilligant lacks a Rock-type move—notable examples are Magmortar, who is even immune to Sleep Powder with Vital Spirit, and Emboar, who can tank any hit and OHKO with Flare Blitz. Likewise, if Lilligant is using Hidden Power Rock, Steel- and Grass-types switch in with little worry. Roselia and Amoonguss are bulky enough to take even Hidden Power Fire and can hit Lilligant with Sludge Bomb. Escavalier can use Sleep Talk to OHKO Lilligant and walls her if she lacks Hidden Power Fire; other Steel-types like Klinklang also accomplish the same thing. As Lilligant rarely carries Hidden Power Ice, Druddigon can almost always phaze her out or outright KO her. Sap Sippers such as Bouffalant, Miltank, and Sawsbuck gain an Attack boost from Giga Drain and Sleep Powder and care little about Lilligant's common coverage moves with the exception of Hidden Power Fire in Sawsbuck's case, while Drapion has the bulk to survive most hits and deals heavy damage back. Gallade takes even a +1 Giga Drain and can avoid sleep with a Lum Berry, while Choice Scarf Primeape bypasses sleep altogether with Vital Spirit.

Lilligant also has a fair share of defensive checks. Clefable is not 2HKOed by +1 Giga Drain and can stop her with status moves. Mandibuzz will take heavy damage from a possible Hidden Power Rock, but can use Whirlwind to reset Lilligant's boosts. Any bulky wall with Thunder Wave that can survive a hit can cripple Lilligant because she relies on Speed to sweep; paralysis is a dead stop. Cryogonal makes another excellent counter, taking hits with ease thanks to its phenomenal special bulk, as well as having access to Haze and Ice Beam.