Increases the chance that the opponent will flinch when the wielder attacks. Decreases wild encounter rate.
Deals 25% damage when KOed by contact damage.
Keen Eye
The wielder's accuracy cannot be lowered.
Type Tier
Poison / Dark NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 347 410 -
199 222 285 313
153 170 233 256
160 178 241 265
142 158 221 243
183 204 267 293


Access to Sucker Punch and Pursuit coupled by access to Taunt make Skuntank one of the best offensive supporters in the tier. Its unique Poison / Dark typing is a blessing for it—not only does it allow Skuntank to serve as a near-perfect counter to the various Psychic- and Ghost-types that plague the tier, but grants it the ability to absorb Toxic Spikes as well. Its utility doesn't end there, as its ability Aftermath allows it to serve as an emergency check against various physical attackers such as Swellow and Zangoose. Unfortunately, Skuntank's rather average stats hold it back; it has mediocre bulk and only decent Attack. Skuntank does not fare well against the common Fighting- and Ground-types of NU; in general, it's not very hard to defeat outside of Psychic- and Ghost-types. Nonetheless, Skuntank performs many roles on a team, and it does them well.

Name Item Ability Nature

Offensive Support

Black Sludge / Lum Berry Aftermath Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Sucker Punch
~ Pursuit
~ Poison Jab / Crunch
~ Taunt
252 Atk / 176 SpD / 80 Spe

This set is Skuntank's best, providing a multitude of ways to support its team and disrupt momentum on the opposing side. With Sucker Punch, Skuntank can serve as a revenge killer, being able to easily pick off weakened threats thanks to Skuntank's satisfactory Attack stat. With the combination of Pursuit and Sucker Punch, Skuntank can put many Pokemon—particularly Psychic- and Ghost-types—into a checkmate position, either forcing them to attack and be hit with Sucker Punch or switch and be hit by Pursuit. Poison Jab serves as a reliable STAB, providing nice coverage against Fighting-types such as Sawk and Primeape while also having a nice 30% poison chance to wear down bulkier opponents. On the other hand, Crunch is a viable alternative; while it provides considerably less coverage than Poison Jab, it acts as a reliable Dark-type STAB when Sucker Punch and Pursuit aren't needed. Finally, the last slot is reserved for Taunt, providing a way to disrupt momentum and shut down setup. It also forms an excellent combination with Sucker Punch and Pursuit, forcing the opponent to either attack or switch and be attacked accordingly.

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Other Options

Perhaps the most interesting other option for Skuntank is a mixed attacker; a set consisting of Sucker Punch / Pursuit / Hidden Power Grass / Fire Blast can lure in many of Skuntank's traditional checks and defeat them. However, doing this makes Skuntank a much less reliable Pursuit trapper, its main role in the metagame. On that note, Skuntank can opt to use a fully specially offensive set with Acid Spray, but the loss of Sucker Punch alone often makes it inferior. Hone Claws can be used to boost Attack, but Skuntank is not built to sweep and often never finds the room to boost anyway. Substitute can block status in a similar fashion to Taunt, but Taunt allows Skuntank to support its team rather than just itself. Air Balloon is an interesting item choice; it makes trapping Golurk much easier while also avoiding any potential Hidden Power Grounds from the likes of Musharna or Exeggutor. Despite this, Black Sludge and Lum Berry are still far more consistent.

Memento and Explosion can be useful for ensuring a teammate can come in safely, but Skuntank generally has too much utility to pass up by killing itself. Haze can deter setup, but is outclassed by Taunt. Toxic can be used in conjunction with Taunt to systematically break down walls, but Skuntank has no room to spare for Toxic and is generally outdone by Mandibuzz in this regard. Iron Tail, with a Steel Gem intact and potentially a Hone Claws boost, can lure in common checks such as Golem and Piloswine and OHKO them. However, it doesn't do anything outside of this and there is still no room for it. Skuntank can set up Rain Dance and Sunny Day, but doesn't benefit from either and is outdone by other Pokemon in this role. Finally, Punishment and Foul Play can be used as alternative Dark-type STABs, but Punishment is unreliable and Skuntank's natural power makes Foul Play unnecessary.

Checks and Counters

Ground-types, barring Golurk, make for excellent counters, sporting the natural bulk to take all of Skuntank's common attacks and can OHKO with Earthquake. Fighting-types also serve as excellent answers to Skuntank, resisting its Dark-type STAB and pummeling it with Close Combat and Drain Punch. Gurdurr is an especially good switch-in to Skuntank, as Poison Jab can potentially activate Guts. Most hard hitters, such as Charizard and Samurott, can beat Skuntank one-on-one due to its relatively mediocre bulk. Bulky Rock-types, such as Regirock, can take Skuntank's attacks with relative ease and KO in return with Stone Edge or Earthquake. Alomomola and Weezing can also tank Skuntank's hits quite well, though they must be wary of Taunt. Steel-types make for good answers, as they resist Skuntank's STABs and can wear it down, though Metang must watch out for the occasional Fire Blast. Probopass in particular completely walls Skuntank and can defeat it with Earth Power or gain momentum with Volt Switch.