The wielder is immune to Ground-type moves.
Type Tier
Poison NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 271 334 -
194 216 279 306
248 276 339 372
185 206 269 295
158 176 239 262
140 156 219 240


Just like many other Poison-types residing in the NU tier, Weezing has a relatively wide array of offensive and supportive moves. However, Weezing's movepool is not its only asset, as it also has a remarkable Defense stat, a great defensive typing, and an immunity to Spikes thanks to its ability in Levitate. With these factors considered, Weezing can counter the likes of Golurk, Primeape, Sawsbuck, and Scolipede all at once—something not many Pokemon can boast about. While its Special Attack might not be stellar, it is enough to hit many Pokemon in the tier for some solid damage. Unfortunately, Weezing faces stiff competition from Misdreavus, which practically runs the same support moves Weezing uses but has an added bonus of immunities to Normal- and Fighting-type attacks. Its HP is not as large as Alomomola and Lickilicky, and it also has a mediocre Special Defense stat that can be preyed upon. Its Speed, while decent for a wall, falls just short of outspeeding key threats such as Roselia and Alomomola. Other physical walls also have other ways of being useful, such as Alomomola and Tangela, which can pass a Wish or put something to sleep, respectively, making it harder for Weezing to stand out from its competition.

Name Item Nature

Physically Defensive

Black Sludge Bold
Moveset EVs
~ Will-O-Wisp
~ Sludge Bomb
~ Flamethrower / Pain Split
~ Haze / Taunt
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD

This is Weezing's trademark set; it prevents physical attackers such as Golurk and Scolipede from steamrolling through your team easily. Will-O-Wisp is a necessity for Weezing to incapacitate physical attackers and prevent them from harming it and its fellow teammates. Sludge Bomb is a moderately strong STAB attack that hits many relevant Pokemon such as Swellow and Kangaskhan hard. Flamethrower roasts the Bug- and Steel-types that Weezing wouldn't normally be able to touch, hitting Pokemon like Scolipede for solid damage. Pain Split is also a possible choice for the third slot, increasing the survivability of Weezing as well as dwindling the opposing Pokemon's health if the circumstances are right. Haze sets the opponent's boosted stats back to 0, which is useful against Substitute + Bulk Up Braviary and Nasty Plot Misdreavus. Taunt can also prevent slower setup sweepers from setting up at all, but it is less reliable, as Weezing is outsped by numerous Pokemon; however, it can stop Pokemon such as Piloswine and Regirock from setting up Stealth Rock as well as prevent Wishes from Lickilicky and Audino, so it is still a solid option for the last slot.

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Other Options

Weezing is versatile, but that does not mean it can run a set as effective as the one listed above. An offensive set consisting of Sludge Bomb, Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, and a filler move is usable, but it doesn't focus on Weezing's main stat: Defense. Weezing has literally no viable physical moves, making its base 90 Attack stat just for show. Memento is possible to aid Pokemon such as Belly Drum Linoone and Shell Smash Carracosta, but there are other Pokemon in the tier who utilize that role more effectively. Weezing can summon both Rain Dance and Sunny Day, but it doesn't benefit from those moves and is generally outclassed by other weather setters such as Volbeat and Gardevoir. A set with Destiny Bond, Endure or Fire Blast, Will-O-Wisp, and Sludge Bomb holding a Custap Berry is a fun, gimmicky concept and could be useful in some situations. Rocky Helmet is a useful item that Weezing can use, which allows it to cut down HP of an opponent using a contact move, but the loss of passive recovery can degrade its lifespan. Sludge Wave is slightly stronger than Sludge Bomb, but Weezing enjoys the higher poison chance than the power most of the time.

Checks and Counters

Bulky Psychic-types, such as Musharna, Duosion, and Gardevoir, take little damage from Weezing's attacks, don't mind Taunt too much, and can use Psychic for the kill. Jynx can OHKO with Psychic, but it shouldn't switch in to Weezing because it is hit hard by Flamethrower. Fire-types, such as Charizard, Simisear, and Camerupt, can proceed to come in on a Fire-type move and roast Weezing with their STAB attacks; however, the first two get hit hard with Sludge Bomb, so you should be cautious. Generally, strong special attackers, such as Life Orb Haunter and Eelektross, can dispatch of Weezing in two hits with their STAB moves. A fast Taunt from Misdreavus or Samurott can also prevent Weezing from doing much. Regice can take even a Flamethrower and retaliate back with Ice Beam.