Snow Warning
Summons permanent hail.
Unaffected by sound moves.
Type Tier
Grass / Ice UU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 165 197 -
100 112 144 158
85 95 127 139
100 112 144 158
94 105 137 150
72 80 112 123


In every year of VGC where it has been allowed, Abomasnow has been an excellent Pokemon. With its unique ability, Snow Warning, it is able to shut down most weather strategies, which nullifies several threatening playstyles in the metagame. In addition, hail allows Abomasnow to use an extremely powerful STAB Blizzard that hits both opponents. Although Abomasnow may not have the greatest defensive typing or stats in the metagame, its excellent ability combined with its powerful moves makes it an effective Pokemon on most teams.

Name Item Ability Nature

Bulky Attacker

Focus Sash Snow Warning Quiet
Moveset IVs
~ Blizzard
~ Giga Drain / Grass Knot
~ Ice Shard / Ice Beam
~ Protect
0 Spe
252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA

With this set, Abomasnow can abuse its most useful quality in Snow Warning while dishing out large amounts of damage to many Pokemon in the metagame. Blizzard is an amazing move, hitting both opponents. In addition, it hits common Pokemon such as Zapdos and Garchomp for super effective damage. Giga Drain is a secondary STAB attack, hitting Water-types, which resist Blizzard, super effectively. Grass Knot can be used to hit heavy Pokemon such as Tyranitar harder, but Abomasnow will miss the healing provided by Giga Drain. Although this Abomasnow has no EVs in Attack, Ice Shard is still an excellent STAB priority attack and can finish off weakened Pokemon, especially with added damage from hail; it can also do a reasonable amount of damage to Pokemon that it hits super effectively. Ice Beam is an option if you are concerned about the weather changing after Abomasnow has been sent out, and also hits a single opponent harder than Blizzard due to the power drop caused when multiple Pokemon are targeted. Protect is a standard move on many Pokemon in the metagame, and Abomasnow is no exception—not only does it allow Abomasnow to avoid Fake Out, but it also allows Abomasnow to preserve its Focus Sash for an extra turn and add extra residual damage via hail.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Scarf

Choice Scarf Snow Warning Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Blizzard
~ Giga Drain / Grass Knot
~ Ice Shard
~ Sheer Cold / Light Screen
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

With a Choice Scarf, Abomasnow can overcome its mediocre Speed in order to spam its powerful STAB Blizzard. As Blizzard is such a good offensive move, hitting both opponents, it should be Abomasnow's main move. Giga Drain allows Abomasnow to take out Water-types that resist Blizzard, as well as Tyranitar, which might switch in to prevent consistent usage of Blizzard. Grass Knot, despite hitting Rotom-W for only a measly 20 Base Power, does a huge amount of damage to Tyranitar. Although it may seem strange to use it on a Choice Scarf set, Ice Shard is used because Abomasnow is not extremely fast even after the Choice Scarf boost. Sheer Cold is a desperation move, and should only be used when Abomasnow would otherwise have to freeze the opponent with Blizzard to win. Because Sheer Cold's 30% accuracy is still higher than Blizzard's 10% chance to freeze, it can increase your chances of winning in certain circumstances. Light Screen, while unorthodox, can allow Abomasnow's teammates to survive important attacks. It should only be used if it is vital that a teammate survives or if both opponents resist all of Abomasnow's other moves.

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Other Options

Hidden Power Fire is an option on the Choice Scarf set in order to hit Steel-types, such as Scizor and Metagross, super effectively. However, it lowers Abomasnow's Speed IV to 30, which can be terrible for Abomasnow in a mirror match. Wood Hammer can be used over Abomasnow's Grass-type move of choice, as it hits certain Pokemon such as Blissey much harder. Earthquake is another option to hit Steel- and Fire-types super effectively, but usually will not hit hard enough off of Abomasnow's uninvested Attack stat. Due to Item Clause, there may be instances where Abomasnow is unable to use Focus Sash. If this is the case, Occa Berry and Chople Berry are options to allow Abomasnow to survive some weaker super effective moves.

Abomasnow gets Soundproof from the Dream World. While it can allow you to use Abomasnow without having your team damaged by hail, and render Abomasnow immune to Bug Buzz, compared to Snow Warning it is practically useless.

Checks and Counters

Changing the weather will significantly nerf Abomasnow's main attack: Blizzard. Ninetales and Tyranitar are the best options, as Ninetales resists both of Abomasnow's STAB attacks and both can hit it super effectively with STAB attacks of their own. Tyranitar needs to watch out for Grass Knot while switching in, however. Scizor and Metagross can take any of Abomasnow's attacks (except Hidden Power Fire) and take it out with Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash, respectively. Occa Berry is also helpful as it lets these Pokemon survive Hidden Power Fire. Hitmontop can also cause problems for Abomasnow, being able to use a combination of Close Combat and Sucker Punch to defeat it. Abomasnow is extremely frail, and nearly any super effective attack will either OHKO it or bring it down to its Focus Sash.