Heals status effects in rain.
Sticky Hold
The wielder's item cannot be removed. Increases chance of encountering Pokemon while fishing.
Speed increases when an item is used or lost.
Type Tier
Bug RU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 155 187 -
81 90 122 134
54 60 92 101
108 120 152 167
72 80 112 123
148 165 197 216


Accelgor is notable in RU, or any tier, for its amazing base 145 Speed, making it one of the fastest Pokemon in the game. Accelgor's Bug typing is decent offensively, and gives Accelgor a set of useful resistances to common attacking types. Accelgor complements its excellent Speed with a fair base 100 Special Attack stat which, along with its good STAB options and strong coverage, makes it a dangerous attacker. Furthermore, in addition to being one of the best and most reliable Spikes users in the game, Accelgor has an excellent support movepool that is superbly designed to frustrate an opponent. Things are not entirely rosy for Accelgor, however. It has absolutely pathetic defenses; almost any neutral attack will OHKO it. Additionally, its Special Attack will frequently find itself lacking, missing out on many crucial KOs. Regardless, whether it is running an attacking set or a support set, Accelgor is a threat to be considered when building a team.

Name Item Ability Nature


Life Orb / Choice Specs Sticky Hold Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Bug Buzz
~ Focus Blast
~ Hidden Power Rock
~ Spikes / Giga Drain
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

With this set, Accelgor attempts to use its good Special Attack and solid neutral coverage to facilitate a sweep. Bug Buzz is Accelgor's strongest and most reliable STAB attack, and is thus its primary attacking option, hitting most Pokemon for neutral damage. Focus Blast is used alongside Bug Buzz to give Accelgor a way to damage the Steel- and Rock-types that resist Bug Buzz. Hidden Power Rock completes Accelgor's coverage, letting it hit Fire- and Flying-types super effectively, notably Moltres, who would otherwise force Accelgor out and greatly threaten the rest of the team. In the last slot, Spikes is a nice option that allows Accelgor to be useful even when faced with walls it can't do much damage to, such as Escavalier. Giga Drain is another good choice; it doesn't add much to Accelgor's coverage, but it does give it a chance to recover some of the HP lost to entry hazards and Life Orb recoil, especially against Water-types such as Lanturn and Poliwrath.

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Name Item Ability Nature


Focus Sash Sticky Hold Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Spikes
~ Final Gambit
~ Bug Buzz
~ Focus Blast / Hidden Power Rock
252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Spe

With a massive base 145 Speed stat and access to Spikes, Accelgor seems like the perfect candidate for a suicide lead. It also has access to a rarely seen move in Final Gambit, which can completely disrupt your opponents, most likely knocking out of one their Pokemon and possibly destroying their spinner. With maximum HP investment, Accelgor reaches 364 HP, allowing it to OHKO the majority of the RU metagame in exchange for its own life. Its ridiculously high Speed stat means that no unboosted Pokemon will be outspeeding Accelgor anytime soon, allowing it to set up at least 1 layer of Spikes (most likely 2 layers thanks to Focus Sash). Even if knocked down to 1 HP, Final Gambit can still be helpful, as it blocks Rapid Spin users from landing their attack, thus preventing them from spinning away your hazards.

Bug Buzz is a good STAB option, and Focus Blast complements it well, allowing Accelgor to demolish Steel- and Rock-types without having to use Final Gambit to do so. Hidden Power Rock is an alternative to Focus Blast, and can be used in order to deal a massive amount of damage to Moltres and, more importantly, defeat Aerodactyl and Scolipede one-on-one.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Substitute + Encore

Leftovers Sticky Hold Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Encore
~ Substitute
~ Baton Pass / Bug Buzz
~ Bug Buzz / Focus Blast
208 HP / 48 SpA / 252 Spe

With this set, Accelgor can play the role of both a momentum thief and team supporter. By using enough Speed EVs to beat even Jolly Choice Scarf Medicham—and, occasionally, its useful resistances to Ground, Grass, and Fighting—it can come in on a large number of Pokemon attempting to set up and Encore the set-up move in order to render them helpless. The key to this set is Substitute; it eases prediction for Accelgor, and when used in conjunction with Baton Pass, a teammate can get in safely without fearing status. In addition, should the Substitute manage to stay intact, you get even more momentum. Bug Buzz lets Accelgor finish off weakened opponents if the opportunity presents itself; it goes some way to hide this set's true purpose, and is a generally useful STAB move. The fact that this set can even set up in the face of Trick is just the icing on the cake.

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Other Options

With access to Baton Pass, Acid Armor, Agility, and Curse, Accelgor is capable of effectively utilizing Baton Pass, passing Defense or Speed boosts to slower Pokemon that appreciate the boosts and can then attempt to sweep the opponent. For example, Eviolite Rhydon with a Curse and an Agility becomes very threatening for the opponent to deal with, either attacking them outright or setting up further boosts on the switch. When using Curse, White Herb is a useful item as it nullifies the stat drop in Speed. Me First is a niche move, but can be used on occasion to find surprise kills on Pokemon such as Altaria, which is OHKOed by its own Draco Meteor. Acid Spray can be used to weaken an opponents switch-in, halving their Special Defense and setting them up for a heavy blow the following turn.

Encore can be used to gain free attacking or setup turns by locking an opponent into a non-damaging move. Despite the lack of Taunt, Accelgor can attempt to aid in wall breaking through the use of Toxic. Guard Split can be used to weaken opposing walls while simultaneously boosting its own defenses. Access to Struggle Bug allows Accelgor to function as a last-ditch check to special attackers, lowering their Special Attack. Pursuit can be used to ensure that weakened opponents do not survive; however, its low base Attack means that the opponent would have to be severely weakened for this strategy to work. Accelgor can also function on rain teams, being the fastest user of Rain Dance in the tier. Accelgor can then benefit by gaining a status immunity with its secondary ability, Hydration.

Checks and Counters

Accelgor lacks overwhelming power, so Pokemon with strong Special Defense such as Cryogonal can sit in front of Accelgor all day with little issue. Other notable special walls that will beat Accelgor easily include Drapion, Roselia and Mandibuzz. Taunt users such as Drapion will completely shut down the lead set, although Accelgor will outspeed all common users of the move and still get a layer of Spikes up in the end. Fire-, Flying-, and Ghost-types all resist Accelgor's primary offensive options and can threaten with super effective attacks or whittle down Accelgor with Shadow Ball in return, in the case of Ghost-types. Entei is a great example of a Fire-type check to Accelgor, switching in on anything other than Hidden Power Rock and OHKOing with ExtremeSpeed. Status ruins Accelgor, particularly paralysis which strips it of its primary asset.