30% chance to heal an adjacent teammate of a status condition every turn.
Heals status effects in rain.
Wielder heals 1/3 of its maximum HP on switching out.
Type Tier
Water NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 471 534 -
167 186 249 273
176 196 259 284
104 116 179 196
113 126 189 207
149 166 229 251


UU is filled with bulky Water-types, all fighting for the same spot on a team. Alomomola must compete with many others for that spot and does its best to differentiate itself. Its offensive stats are lower than those of many other bulky Water-types, and it lacks coverage moves many enjoy. However, it offers a service to teams that no other Water-type in the UU metagame can: Wish passing. Alomomola's gargantuan Wishes restore a lot of health for many Pokemon, which makes it a good team supporter. Aside from Wish passing, Alomomola has Regenerator, a great ability that it shares with Slowbro. Alomomola's lack of a Psychic typing is a mixed blessing; it trades a useful Fighting resistance for a neutrality to U-turn, Pursuit, and of course, Heracross's Megahorn. Alomomola actually has the best overall physical bulk of all bulky Water-types in the UU metagame, which it can take advantage of with Wish and Regenerator. Overall, while it may not have the offensive presence of other bulky Water-types, it has a unique and useful niche in the UU metagame.

Name Item Ability Nature

Wish Support

Leftovers Regenerator Bold
Moveset EVs
~ Wish
~ Protect
~ Toxic
~ Scald
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD

The goal of this set is to provide your team with healing via Wish, as well as security against many physical attackers. Alomomola can reliably switch into almost any physical attacker that lacks a boosting move, including Choice Scarf Heracross, Weavile without Swords Dance, Darmanitan, Victini, and even Choice Band Flygon. Once in, Alomomola can use Wish then switch out, healing itself with Regenerator and a teammate with Wish. Staying in for too long is dangerous, as Alomomola can easily become setup bait due to its weak offenses. Wish's gargantuan health boosts can keep teammates healthy and are a great boon for balance or semi-stall teams. Protect allows Alomomola to scout the opponent's moves, grab a Wish without taking two hits, and stall out Toxic or burn damage. Toxic helps Alomomola stall the many physical attackers it walls and weakens the opponent's team if it hits a potential attacker, such as Raikou or Zapdos, on the switch. Scald, though it comes off Alomomola's weaker attacking stat, prevents it from being complete setup bait for physical setup sweepers.

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Other Options

Alomomola has a few other useful moves, but they are all hard to fit on a set. Light Screen can patch up its low Special Defense and provide more team support. Refresh can clear pesky status and make Alomomola less reliant on a teammate to do the job. Soak is a gimmicky move that can weaken Pokemon by removing STAB, and opens Steel- and Poison-types to Toxic. Healing Wish can fully heal a Pokemon by sacrificing Alomomola, but it is generally inferior to just Wish passing.

Checks and Counters

Roserade resists Scald, is immune to Toxic, threatens super effective STAB Grass moves, and can set up Spikes on Alomomola. Shaymin also resists Alomomola's STAB, shakes off Toxic with Natural Cure, and can start spamming Seed Flare. Scald does little to Raikou, so it can come in and try to either set up on Alomomola or start attacking without a boost. Zapdos also can come in easily and start throwing around powerful STAB Thunderbolts, but it and Raikou must be wary of switching in on Toxic or a Scald burn. Swords Dance Heracross utilizes Guts to make Toxic a blessing and can boost to get past Alomomola's massive bulk. Crobat is immune to Toxic and can use Taunt, Brave Bird, and Roost to stop Alomomola's attempts at stall. Almost any setup sweeper can use Alomomola as a chance to set up a sweep, as it has very little offensive presence.