30% chance to heal an adjacent teammate of a status condition every turn.
Heals status effects in rain.
Wielder heals 1/3 of its maximum HP on switching out.
Type Tier
Water NU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 240 272 -
85 95 127 139
90 100 132 145
54 60 92 101
58 65 97 106
76 85 117 128


Alomomola has incredible physical bulk which lets it take almost any physical attack with ease, while its large support movepool allows it to help almost any partner. Unfortunately, Alomomola's special bulk is subpar, leaving it susceptible to the large number of special attackers in the metagame. In addition, it's often helpless after being Taunted thanks to its mediocre attacking stats. Overall, Alomomola's ability to easily tank physical hits in conjunction with its large support movepool make it an effective support Pokemon.

Name Item Ability Nature


Wacan Berry / Mental Herb Healer Careful
Moveset EVs
~ Helping Hand
~ Heal Pulse
~ Waterfall / Aqua Jet
~ Safeguard / Wide Guard / Protect
4 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD

Alomomola's large support movepool allows it to serve as a useful team supporter. Helping Hand lets it power up a teammate's attack to make up for its relative lack of offensive prowess, while Heal Pulse can replenish the health of a teammate, greatly increasing their survivability. Waterfall gives Alomomola a reasonably powerful STAB attack that ensures it's not useless under the effects of Taunt, while also making it an excellent check to most Rock- or Ground-type attackers such as Terrakion and Excadrill. On the other hand, Aqua Jet allows Alomomola to break a Focus Sash and hit many Pokemon weak to it such as Terrakion and Archeops quite hard. There are three options for the last moveslot. Safeguard prevents nasty status affliction, most notably Amoonguss's Spore. Wide Guard protects Alomomola's partner from spread attacks such as Rock Slide and Earthquake, while Protect allows it to avoid damage for a turn in order for its partner to take out a threatening opponent. Wacan Berry allows Alomomola to survive any Electric-type attack directed at it, making it nearly impossible to OHKO. The EVs and nature provide the best overall defenses, allowing Alomomola to take a variety of hits, both physically and specially.

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Other Options

Alomomola has access to Wish which allows it to heal itself, but with mediocre offensive stats, it's far more effective supporting a partner than healing itself. With Alomomola's huge HP stat, Mirror Coat can score a surprise KO, especially in conjunction with a Wacan Berry, but its reliance on prediction makes it an inferior choice. Alomomola's secondary ability in Hydration can be used to abuse Rest in rain, but Healer offers great support and Alomomola is much better off healing its offensively-inclined teammates rather than itself. Soak is an option to support a Grass- or Electric-type partner so they can more easily abuse their STAB attacks, but is very situational, and usually an inferior choice.

Checks and Counters

Because Alomomola is primarily a support Pokemon, there aren't too many ways to stop it from doing its job. However, there are a few Pokemon which give it significant trouble. While Alomomola can render Amoonguss's Spore useless with Safeguard, Amoonguss will beat it one-on-one with Giga Drain, and can use Rage Powder to divert a Heal Pulse aimed at Alomomola's partner to heal itself. Thundurus can do huge damage to Alomomola with its STAB Thunderbolt, but if Alomomola has a Wacan Berry, it can easily survive and help its partner to take Thundurus out. Any Taunt user can render Alomomola almost useless, but if it has a Mental Herb, it can take a Taunt and continue to support its partner. Tailwind or Trick Room can hurt Alomomola, making its Helping Hand useless as its partner is outsped and KOed.