Effect Spore
30% chance to paralyze, poison, or sleep when struck by a contact move.
Wielder heals 1/3 of its maximum HP on switching out.
Type Tier
Grass / Poison RU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 369 432 -
185 206 269 295
158 176 239 262
185 206 269 295
176 196 259 284
86 96 159 174


With a new Dream World Ability—Regenerator—Amoonguss has turned into a viable option for defensive teams. Its nifty typing allows it to absorb Toxic Spikes on contact and its defensive stats are exceptional. Amoonguss's access to Spore allows it to be a good team supporter, although its uses range far wider. With resistances to common attacking types, Amoonguss checks a variety of threats ranging from Thundurus-T to Breloom. Unfortunately for Amoonguss, it is a Grass-type. This means that it automatically was assigned a barren movepool with few alternative options. It is also a very one-dimensional Pokemon that lacks anything resembling attacking prowess. Either way, drugs are not good, kids, but feel free to experiment with this giant mushroom.

Name Item Ability Nature


Black Sludge Regenerator Calm
Moveset EVs
~ Spore
~ Giga Drain
~ Hidden Power Ice / Sludge Bomb
~ Stun Spore / Clear Smog
252 HP / 28 SpA / 228 SpD

Amoonguss makes an excellent defensive pivot due to its new ability, Regenerator, and good mixed bulk. The rise of Drizzle in the metagame is also helpful, as Amoonguss is an excellent switch-in to the rampant threats that accompany it. Amoonguss can switch into Drizzle powerhouses such as Politoed and Thundurus-T with little trouble, fearing only Ice Beam and Hidden Power Ice, respectively. Amoonguss also makes an excellent switch in against Breloom, with resistance to both of its STABs. Amoonguss is also a grounded Poison-type, which allows it to absorb Toxic Spikes whenever switched in, a feature invaluable to many teams.

Amoonguss has access to the sacred Spore, and the threat of Spore is almost as valuable as the move itself. Be wary though, as once Spore is used, Amoonguss has little means to protect itself against various threats. Giga Drain is the best attacking option as it allows Amoonguss to beat threats such as Politoed and Keldeo, and also recover HP. Hidden Power Ice is useful for allowing Amoonguss to hit Pokemon such as Salamence for major damage, while Sludge Bomb can be used to keep Grass-types such as Breloom at bay. Do keep in mind that not only is a neutral Sludge Bomb is almost as powerful as a super effective Hidden Power Ice, but also has a chance to poison. The choice between Stun Spore and Clear Smog depends on your team. Stun Spore is generally more useful, crippling a foe for the entirety of the match and not allowing Pokemon such as Lucario to set up with impunity. However, Clear Smog is an acceptable alternative option as it makes Amoonguss a solid Calm Mind Keldeo and Swords Dance Breloom counter. If you are using Clear Smog you must remember that Clear Smog's effect does not work through Substitutes even if it breaks the Substitute.

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Other Options

If you didn't notice, entry hazard setters such as Ferrothorn and Forretress are a major thorn (heh) in Amoonguss's side. To counter this you can use Hidden Power Fire over Hidden Power Ice or Sludge Bomb, but if you do use it, make sure rain isn't up. Hidden Power Fire in rain will do pitiful damage, even to things 4x weak to it. If you want to take this strategy to the next level, you can use a Fire Gem in addition to Hidden Power Fire, but honestly, you have teammates for a reason, use them. Using Sunny Day or Rain Dance can always be fun if your team needs it, but there are other Pokemon that suit this role better. Growth can be used if you're horribly bored, but Amoonguss is simply too weak to make this a viable option. Toxic looks usable in theory, but in actuality most of Amoonguss's switch-ins are going to be immune to poison, so there is little reason to use it. Synthesis can be used for on-the-spot healing, but is unreliable due to the abundance of weather.

Checks and Counters

Due to Spore, it is very difficult to outright counter Amoonguss, but once Sleep Clause is activated, Amoonguss is fairly easy to counter. Skarmory fears nothing from it, including Hidden Power Fire, and can set up Spikes with impunity. Both Ferrothorn and Forretress fear Hidden Power Fire, but only if rain is absent. Otherwise, both of these threats can set up easily. Jirachi walls anything Amoonguss throws at it and can set up with Calm Mind. Scizor can switch into any move besides Stun Spore or Hidden Power Fire and then do major damage with U-turn. Latias with Substitute can set up on Amoonguss easily with Amoonguss having no way of breaking Latias's Substitutes. It is important to note that Clear Smog does not clear boosts through Substitutes, even if the Substitute is destroyed. Tornadus has a field day with Amoonguss, as it can just fire off Hurricanes with ease. Volcarona and Heatran can roast Amoonguss before it can do anything in return. Without Hidden Power Ice, Gliscor walls Amoonguss easily and can dispose of it. Even with Hidden Power Ice, Amoonguss has troubles with Gliscor as defensive Gliscor can slowly chip away at Amoonguss and AcroBat Gliscor can KO immediately with Acrobatics. Xatu and Espeon can switch into any of Amoonguss's moves, including Spore, due to Magic Bounce and can respond with a STAB Psychic or Psyshock.