Effect Spore
30% chance to paralyze, poison, or sleep when struck by a contact move.
Wielder heals 1/3 of its maximum HP on switching out.
Type Tier
Grass / Poison RU
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 27 31 -
13 15 18 19
11 13 16 17
13 15 18 19
12 14 17 18
8 9 12 13


For a long time, Amoonguss was not a very useful Pokemon on the competitive scene. It was cursed with mediocre stats in all areas bar HP, and its typing is not exactly ideal offensively or defensively. Amoonguss's movepool isn't anything to write home about either outside of Spore, which meant it had little to work with. It was also as a result almost entirely outclassed by numerous Grass-types such as Roserade and Shaymin. All of these bad points led to Amoonguss never seeing any real use.

However, with the transition to BW2, Amoonguss has gained an ability that gives it a new lease on life: Regenerator. Thanks to this wonderful ability, Amoonguss can constantly recover itself upon switching out, while its access to the rare Spore, surprising bulk, and resistances to Water, Electric, and Fighting make it a legitimate threat in UU. Amoonguss's bulk and typing allow it to take on numerous threats in the tier such as Kingdra, Shaymin, and Mienshao. Its movepool, albeit small, has just enough tools for Amoonguss to work with, such as Spore, Clear Smog, and Stun Spore. Despite its middling offensive stats, weaknesses to Fire, Ice, and Flying, and competition from other Grass-types, Amoonguss is still a solid Pokemon for use in UU.

Name Item Ability Nature

Physically Defensive

Leftovers Regenerator Bold
Moveset EVs
~ Spore
~ Giga Drain
~ Clear Smog / Sludge Bomb
~ Stun Spore / Synthesis
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpA

This is Amoonguss's flagship set, which it pulls off quite decently. Thanks to good bulk and resistances allowing it to take on threats such as Zapdos, Mienshao, and Kingdra, this set can be a good fit on more defensive teams. While it faces stiff competition as a defensive Grass-type from Roserade, Amoonguss stands out with its perfectly accurate Spore, Regenerator, and good physical defense. Spore is the big selling point of this set, completely incapacitating an opponent. With the new sleep mechanics, this is essentially eliminating said Pokemon from the match. Giga Drain is the primary STAB move, dealing a decent amount of damage and restoring HP. Clear Smog is the preferred move in the next moveslot, as although extremely weak, it resets stat changes, allowing Amoonguss to deter setup chances. Sludge Bomb is, however, acceptable if the extra power is preferred over resetting stat boosts. Finally, Stun Spore is the chosen move to cripple opponents with paralysis after one Pokemon has fallen to Spore. However, Synthesis can be used as reliable recovery.

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Name Item Ability Nature


Life Orb Regenerator Modest
Moveset EVs
~ Spore
~ Giga Drain
~ Sludge Bomb
~ Hidden Power Fire / Stun Spore
120 HP / 128 Def / 252 SpA / 8 Spe

Despite an average 85 Special Attack, Amoonguss can effectively take on an offensive role. This set hits decently hard, standing out from its main competitors with Spore being able to incapacitate an opponent as well as Regenerator being able to heal off Life Orb damage. Its decent bulk along with its typing also ensure that it will be able to last long enough to be able to dent an opposing team. Spore is again used to basically eliminate an opponent from the match with the fifth generation sleep mechanics. Giga Drain is the preferred STAB move here, hitting for solid damage while also proving Amoonguss with recovery. Sludge Bomb is essential secondary STAB; it hits Grass-types hard while hitting neutrally against incoming Fire-types such as Darmanitan. Hidden Power Fire is the preferred coverage move here to hit Steel-types such as Bisharp and Cobalion for heavy damage. Stun Spore, however, can be used in order to cripple an opponent, making up for Amoonguss's low Speed stat.

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Other Options

Amoonguss doesn't have a lot of other options it can use effectively. That said, there are some tricks it can pull off. Venoshock is one that stands out the most, as when used in conjunction with either Toxic or Toxic Spikes it can be very lethal against the opposing team. However, this is very situational and such strategy requires significant support. Growth is a useful boosting move to enhance Amoonguss's average offensive stats, making it a bigger threat. Unfortunately, Amoonguss's low Speed cripples it to the point where it won't find much time to successfully set up. Grass Knot is decent, and can hit Suicune for significantly more damage, but Giga Drain is much more reliable. Body Slam can work to paralyze an opponent while dealing decent damage, but Stun Spore is much more reliable. Payback is also usable as it can catch incoming Chandelure while working well with Amoonguss's low Speed. Foul Play is very interesting, and the ability to catch incoming Darmanitan and Victini can be useful in some situations. This however is difficult to fit in a moveslot. Finally, Amoonguss has access to Rain Dance and Sunny Day to support weather oriented teams, and is quite bulky to boot. However, you're often better off using Azelf or Bronzong, which either have a better typing or stronger offensive stats, to utilize these moves.

Checks and Counters

Of the things that can check or counter Amoonguss, the ones that stand out most are the ones that don't mind falling for Spore. The most notable of these is Xatu. Thanks to Magic Bounce, it can reflect back Spore and overall prevent Amoonguss from doing much of any value. Roserade doesn't exactly mind Spore thanks to Natural Cure, and is capable of incapacitating Amoonguss with Sleep Powder before it reacts. Users of Sleep Talk, such as Snorlax, Yanmega, Crobat, Heracross, and Escavalier can all put hurt on Amoonguss even while asleep. That aside, thanks to the number of weaknesses Amoonguss has, there are a number of Pokemon that can take Amoonguss down. Fire-types such as Chandelure, Darmanitan, and Victini can remove Amoonguss quickly from the battlefield. Honchkrow, Crobat, and Togekiss also don't care about Amoonguss at all. Mew, Azelf, Meloetta, and Weavile are also good Pokemon to take Amoonguss on. Taunt and Substitute are both great ways to stop Amoonguss, as it cannot pull off a Spore afterwards. Bisharp is a great example as it doesn't mind much of anything else Amoonguss has to offer, barring Hidden Power Fire on the offensive set, and can use it as setup fodder. Finally, if needed, you can use Trick on Amoonguss to essentially render it useless for the remainder of the match.