Lowers the foe's Attack one stage. Decreases wild encounter rate.
Shed Skin
1/3 chance to heal status every turn.
Prevents the foe from consuming its held Berry item.
Type Tier
Poison NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 261 324 -
185 206 269 295
156 174 237 260
149 166 229 251
174 194 257 282
176 196 259 284


The king cobra is new and improved and ready to show RU its power. Arbok is not the fastest or strongest sweeper, but that is not an issue thanks to Coil, which lets it slowly boost and not care about opposing physical attacks. Intimidate is the icing on the cake for Arbok, because it allows Arbok to switch into physical attacks and take advantage of its of resistances to Grass-, Fighting-, Poison-, and Bug-type attacks. By virtue of its Poison typing, Arbok is able to absorb Toxic Spikes upon entry, which saves its partners from a debilitating affliction. Arbok has Aqua Tail and Seed Bomb to widen its coverage, so Pokemon that thought they could avoid being poisoned are in trouble. Unfortunately, a lackluster Special Defense and a weakness to Ground- and Psychic-type attacks leads to its downfall. However, if these weakness can be circumvented, watch as the king cobra slowly poisons the opposing team.

Name Item Ability Nature


Life Orb Intimidate Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Coil
~ Gunk Shot
~ Earthquake
~ Sucker Punch / Aqua Tail
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

This is Arbok's best chance at sweeping with Intimidate, Coil, and decent physical bulk. Life Orb furthers Arbok's power and allows Arbok to score multiple KO's that it would be incapable of scoring otherwise. Gunk Shot is Arbok's Poison-type move of choice, as its 120 Base Power combined with Coil's power and accuracy boost helps it melt the opponent's hide. Earthquake complements Gunk Shot's coverage, as it hits Rock-, Steel-, and Poison-type Pokemon such as Aggron, Klinklang, and Qwilfish. Sucker Punch is a great choice to make up for Arbok's less than stellar Speed and provides your team with useful priority. In addition, Sucker Punch hits Psychic-type Pokemon, such as Sigilyph, which can hit Arbok super effectively with their STAB. Aqua Tail is another option predominately to hit Ground-type Pokemon that aren't hit by Arbok's moveset such as Sandslash.

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Other Options

Arbok has the chance to take advantage of Rest with its Shed Skin ability, but it is simply too unreliable to be utilized fully. Furthermore, Arbok isn't the bulkiest Pokemon around, so it can't spend extra turns snoozing. Glare is a unique attack that can paralyze everything—even Ground-type Pokemon—and helps cripple the opponent's counter to Arbok; Arbok's Speed issues are also mitigated with the paralysis from Glare, but its accuracy and Arbok's lack of moveslots means it isn't an optimal choice. Poison Jab is another STAB option that has lower Base Power, but higher PP, which is useful for a more defensive Arbok. Crunch can hit Psychic- and Ghost-type Pokemon, but Sucker Punch achieves the same goal with added priority. Seed Bomb is useful for hitting Water-types, notably Quagsire, which easily shrugs off Arbok's attacks. Dragon Tail is available to phaze the opposition, but Arbok has neither the bulk nor recovery needed to phaze effectively. Fire Fang can see circumstantial use to hit Ferroseed and Escavalier, but lacks any other use due to its paltry Base Power.

Checks and Counters

Ghost-type Pokemon, such as Spiritomb and Misdreavus, are great stops to Arbok, and thanks to their high defenses, they take little damage even from a +1 Arbok and can then proceed to burn Arbok with Will-O-Wisp. Bulky Rotom can outspeed Arbok and use Will-O-Wisp, rendering it helpless. Psychic-types are also great, as they can prey on Arbok's Poison typing and low Special Defense, but they do need to keep an eye out for Sucker Punch. Musharna can take a +1 Gunk Shot, retaliate back with Psychic, and remain healthy with Moonlight. Sigilyph gets special mention, as it can avoid Sucker Punch with Calm Mind or Cosmic Power, burn Arbok, and KO with its Psychic STAB. Quagsire can take Arbok on any day thanks to Unaware, but has to watch out for the rare Seed Bomb. Steelix and Rhydon can take a +1 Earthquake and return the volley with their own Earthquake. In the end, strong powerhouses like Entei, Moltres, and Galvantula can overpower Arbok, but they have to watch out for Sucker Punch.