Thick Fat
Fire- and Ice-type damage is reduced by 50%.
Huge Power
Doubles Attack.
Sap Sipper
Grants immunity to Grass-type moves and boosts Attack by 1 stage when hit by a Grass-type move.
Type Tier
Water UU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 175 207 -
63 70 102 112
90 100 132 145
63 70 102 112
90 100 132 145
63 70 102 112


Azumarill is by far one of the cutest Pokemon that can be used in VGC 2012. However, Azumarill has more than just cuteness on its side; it has an ability that most Pokemon would die for in Huge Power. With Huge Power, Azumarill's Attack is boosted by 50%, and with a great offensive typing in Water, it can take advantage of this very well. However, Game Freak felt that the cute rabbit needed even more power, so in DPP, they gave Azumarill Aqua Jet, a great priority move for Azumarill. Thanks to Aqua Jet, Azumarill can nail faster common Fire-, Rock-, and Ground-type Pokemon, such as Terrakion, Volcarona, and Mamoswine. Azumarill's 100 / 80 / 80 defenses mean that it can take a hit as well, and with only two weaknesses, Azumarill can last a while. However, this is where it all ends for Azumarill. With base 50 Speed, Azumarill is painfully slow, though Aqua Jet somewhat remedies this. There are Pokemon such as Jellicent that wall Azumarill completely, meaning that there is a limit to Azumarill's usefulness. One of the perks to using Azumarill is that it is a rabbit. Imagine sweeping your opponents with a rabbit.

Name Item Ability Nature

Energizer Bunny

Choice Band / Wacan Berry Huge Power Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Aqua Jet
~ Waterfall
~ Ice Punch
~ Superpower / Protect
164 HP / 252 Atk / 92 Spe

This is the bread and butter set for Azumarill, and it's easy to see why. Aqua Jet is the vital move of this set, allowing Azumarill to nail faster Pokemon such as Infernape, Excadrill, Landorus, as well as several other Pokemon. Waterfall hits harder than Aqua Jet, and gives Azumarill a STAB move to use when Aqua Jet doesn't get the KO. Ice Punch nails Dragon-types, such as Garchomp, Latias, and Hydreigon, which is a plus, considering the latter two resist Aqua Jet. Superpower can be used to hit Abomasnow and Ferrothorn harder than Ice Punch, as well as to hit other Steel-type Pokemon. However, Protect can be used to shield Azumarill from opposing attacks, keeping it alive for later in the match.

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Other Options

Azumarill's movepool is really shallow, though it has a few more options it can use. Return has good overall coverage with Azumarill's Water STAB, though the given coverage moves usually work better. Aqua Tail can be used instead of Waterfall for more power; the accuracy is a turn off, however. Azumarill also has a decent support movepool, with moves such as Encore, Light Screen, and Perish Song; Azumarill, however, is at its best using its huge Attack to offensively pressure the opponent. There are also several items Azumarill that can use. Life Orb boosts Azumarill's attacks, and also allows Azumarill to switch attacks, though the recoil makes Azumarill faint faster. Water Gem can also be used for a powerful Aqua Jet, which can be game changing in taking out faster threats.

Checks and Counters

If your team has problems with Azumarill, just add a Jellicent. Jellicent is immune to Azumarill's Water-type attacks, thanks to Water Absorb, and is also immune to Superpower and resistant to Ice Punch. Other Water-type Pokemon, such as Slowbro, Slowking, and Gyarados, also take little from its attacks; the former is resistant to all of Azumarill's attacks, while the latter has Intimidate to lower Azumarill's Attack. Zapdos and Rotom-W make great checks, as both can take an Aqua Jet and OHKO Choice Band variants with their Electric STABs. Basically, bulky Water-types and Grass-types can beat Azumarill. Finally, Dusclops and Sableye both have Will-O-Wisp, as the former is bulky enough to take a Waterfall, while the latter has priority to burn Azumarill before it can attack.