Rock Head
Recoil moves deal no recoil damage.
Sheer Force
Increases power of moves with secondary effects by 30%, but removes the effects.
Type Tier
Dragon LC
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 21 24 -
12 14 17 18
10 12 15 16
9 10 13 14
8 9 12 13
9 11 14 15
  • Little Cup


When it comes to underrated Pokemon in the Little Cup metagame, Bagon is one Pokemon that instantly comes to mind. While it is a Dragon-type Pokemon, which is a rarity in the tier (they are only five legal Dragon-type Pokemon in Little Cup), Bagon is by far the most overlooked. While most Dragon-type Pokemon tend to be Dragon Dancers or just powerful physical attacking Pokemon in general, this isn't the case for Bagon. While it does have a decent base Attack stat of 75, offensively, Bagon is outclassed. This is because its two main competitors, Dratini and Axew, have better coverage and a much higher Attack stat, respectively. Nevertheless, Bagon has a niche over its Dragon-type counterparts by gaining access to a move many Little Cup Pokemon wish they had, Wish. Thanks to Wish, Bagon becomes a durable Pokemon capable of tanking the hardest of physical attacks in the LC tier. However, it isn't all great for Bagon. Because Dragon-type Pokemon sport resistances to a lot of usually specially orientated attacks, such as Water and Fire, its low base Special Defense doesn't help when trying to tank attacks from the special side. Nevertheless, Bagon is a good Pokemon if you need something to heal your team and tank hard physical hits, but don't expect it to do too much.

Name Item Ability Nature


Eviolite Rock Head Relaxed
Moveset EVs
~ Wish
~ Dragon Claw
~ Fire Blast
~ Protect / Toxic
236 HP / 196 Def / 36 SpA / 36 SpD

This is Bagon's only viable set in LC, and just like its evolved form Salamence in OU, this set is used to not only heal itself and its team with Wish, but to tank attacks as well. While it doesn't have the biggest HP stat to pass Wishes with, its typing gives it useful resistances to common offensive types such as Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric, which gives it its niche. Dragon Claw is used for damage purposes, as well as to prevent Bagon from becoming Taunt bait. Fire Blast hits Steels, mainly Magnemite and Ferroseed, that will try to use Bagon as setup bait. Protect is used to ensure Bagon gets the recovery from Wish, and it also works with Toxic Spikes as it stalls out poison as well. However, if you aren't concerned about getting guaranteed recovery from Wish, Toxic can be used over Protect, as it breaks down Pokemon such as Mienfoo, Hippopotas, Murkrow, and others.

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Other Options

While it has other offensive options, Bagon is usually better off not using them. Part of this is because by using offensive sets, it takes away from Bagon's usable bulk. Nevertheless, if you choose to use Bagon offensively, Dragon Dance or Hone Claws with Dragon Rush can work. However, Dratini and Axew make better Dragon Dancers. A Choice Band set can also work with Outrage, Dragon Claw, Fire Blast, and another coverage move, though Axew makes the better Choice Band user due to better Attack and Mold Breaker.

Checks and Counters

While Bagon is good at tanking physical attacks, without Roar, it can't stop Pokemon from setting up on it. Scarggy can set up for days unless Bagon has Brick Break. Shellder and Clamperl can set up a Shell Smash on it and begin to cause problems. In general, anything that can tank an attack from Bagon can set up on it pretty easily. Misdreavus can just burn it with Will-O-Wisp, making its physical attacks useless, while Hippopotas can easily Roar Bagon out, which screws up the Pokemon that Bagon passes its Wishes too. Ice Beam Staryu can take hits and also Rapid Spin away entry hazards, which Bagon hates.