Speed doubles in sun.
30% chance to heal an adjacent teammate of a status condition every turn.
Type Tier
Grass NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 291 354 -
176 196 259 284
185 206 269 295
194 216 279 306
212 236 299 328
122 136 199 218
  • Neverused


Bellossom is a mediocre Pokemon; it is not particularly bad, just almost completely outclassed by its fellow Grass-types within the NU tier. Access to Sleep Powder and the Chlorophyll ability give it a shot at being an effective sun abuser, but it struggles to differentiate itself from the largely superior Victreebel and Exeggutor, and even in the sun, pitiful base Speed means it is not actually that fast. Bellossom does, however, have quite decent stats almost everywhere else; decent defenses give it greater ease in setting up than Victreebel, and a passable Special Attack stat gives just enough power to Bellossom's attacks to make it a legitimate threat. Bellossom is somewhat let down by its movepool, although the moves it needs to function are present, it lacks anything that would make it stand out. It is a functional Pokemon, and should reliably do its job of setting up sun and putting something to sleep, but there is nothing particularly special or impressive about it.

Name Item Ability Nature

Sunny Day

Heat Rock / Life Orb Chlorophyll Modest
Moveset EVs
~ Sunny Day
~ Sleep Powder
~ SolarBeam / Giga Drain
~ Hidden Power Fire / Synthesis / Hidden Power Rock
28 HP / 252 SpA / 228 Spe

Thanks to reasonable bulk and access to Sleep Powder, Bellossom should almost always cripple a Pokemon. This potential is compounded by Chlorophyll, which gives Bellossom 384 Speed in the sun, allowing it to outpace even the speediest of Swellow. SolarBeam acts as a high-powered STAB move, and deals heavy damage to most Pokemon that do not resist it, whereas Giga Drain is a more reliable alternative that also serves as a form of recovery. Whilst Hidden Power Fire grants optimal coverage alongside Grass-type attacks, Hidden Power Rock is an option that allows Bellossom to hit Flareon and Altaria harder. Finally, Synthesis allows Bellossom to instantly recover from any damage it may have accrued.

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Other Options

One could run a full support set with Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Synthesis, and Giga Drain, but this is somewhat silly when Vileplume exists with better defenses and typing. If you really want to plumb the depths of Bellossom's movepool, it also has access to Swords Dance and the nifty Drain Punch, which has passable coverage alongside Leaf Blade and helps keep Bellossom alive. However, with extremely poor Speed and lackluster Attack, Bellossom struggles to set up or do any real damage outside of the sun. It cannot afford to give up a moveslot for Sunny Day over Sleep Powder or a coverage move. Even after Bellossom sets up, it is still largely outclassed by Leafeon.

Checks and Counters

Altaria, Mandibuzz, Braviary, and Charizard are excellent counters to any Bellossom lacking Hidden Power Rock, taking little damage from its attacks, and in Altaria's case even potentially running Cloud Nine to outspeed Bellossom regardless of weather. To that end, Bellossom's pitiful base Speed stat means that any moderately fast, Choice Scarf users, particularly Rotom-A, Charizard, and Jynx, will outspeed and likely KO Bellossom. Bellossom also has some difficulty with opposing Chlorophyll abusers; both Sawsbuck and Victreebel will easily outspeed and deal massive damage with Double-Edge and Weather Ball respectively. Hypno is able to switch in with no fear of a quick Sleep Powder thanks to Insomnia, and also has the Special Defense to easily weather Bellossom's attacks. Once something has taken a Sleep Powder, anything that is not weak to Grass-type moves and has decent defenses, such as Lickilicky, Sap Sipper Miltank, or Camerupt, will put a stop to Bellossom. Dragon-type Pokemon in general such as Zweilous, Dragonair, and Altaria can take any of Bellossom's hits with ease while not really minding being put to sleep.