Natural Cure
Cures status on switching out.
Serene Grace
This Pokemon's secondary effect chances are doubled.
30% chance to heal an adjacent teammate of a status condition every turn.
Type Tier
Normal OU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 330 362 -
27 30 62 68
27 30 62 68
85 95 127 139
139 155 187 205
67 75 107 117


Blissey has ridiculous special bulk; it is an absolute certainty that Blissey will win one-on-one against almost any special attacker, or even a pair. However, its Defense is the total opposite of its Special Defense. Blissey is easily trounced by physical attackers, as well as most Steel- and Poison-types due to their immunity to Toxic. Blissey has access to a multitude of support moves and special attacks, so despite its weakness to physical attackers, it makes an excellent partner for just about anything.

Name Item Ability Nature

Special Wall

Leftovers / Chople Berry Natural Cure Calm
Moveset EVs
~ Toxic
~ Softboiled
~ Seismic Toss
~ Protect
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD

This set is the standard frustrating wall, providing a full stop to almost any special attacker. However, despite its complete mastery of all special attacks, most physical attackers can effectively drop-kick it into next week, especially Fighting-types. Toxic allows Blissey to actually deal damage, although the time limit means it will be slightly difficult to ensure a win thanks to its slow damage. Softboiled recovers HP to make Blissey effectively invincible. Seismic Toss hits Steel-types and stops Blissey from being complete Taunt bait, while Protect prevents damage for a turn, which is really useful for Blissey thanks to its tendency to be easily KOed by most strong physical attacks.

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Other Options

Counter, along with a Chople Berry, can obtain quite a few unexpected KOs, easily taking Close Combats and other Fighting-type attacks and retaliating with a KO. Serene Grace with Charge Beam allows Blissey to use a damaging attack that also raises its Special Attack every time it hits. This makes Blissey far less susceptible to Steel- and Poison-types and Taunt, and allows it to deal some good damage after a few boosts, as well as break Focus Sashes. Minimize is an especially interesting option and can allow Blissey to get past many physical attackers with a bit of luck and a free turn or two. Sing and Attract are extremely unreliable, but synergize well with Minimize. The time limit is always an issue, however. Charm can help in a one-on-one situation against a physical attacker that can normally 2HKO Blissey (which is basically any physical attacker without Fighting-type moves). Heal Pulse and Reflect or Light Screen help Blissey's partner, using its ridiculous special longevity to support the team. Heal Bell heals away Toxic, which is many rain teams' only defense against Blissey. Thunder Wave and Icy Wind support a slower partner, while Gravity boosts accuracy and Helping Hand can boost a partner's power. Blissey has access to a ridiculous number of support moves, but is plagued by four-moveslot syndrome, as well as the time limit, which limit the gamut of usable attacks.

Because Seismic Toss is illegal with Healer, Natural Cure is most often the better choice. However, if not using Seismic Toss, Healer will make an excellent replacement to Natural Cure due to the low amount of switching, which makes Natural Cure useless, while Healer's chance to fix a status ailment can be immensely useful.

Checks and Counters

Almost any physical attacker can OHKO or 2HKO Blissey easily, without suffering much more than a Toxic in return, and Fighting-types in particular can usually OHKO it with ease, although Thunder Wave, Charm, or Chople Berry can hinder or even completely stop them if used correctly. Taunt using special attackers stop Softboiled and Taunt, and can just whale away at Blissey until the blob is finally eliminated, but the time limit may allow Blissey to stall them out to win, and Seismic Toss means Blissey will be able to beat them regardless. Gengar is immune to both Seismic Toss and Toxic, so Blissey can do nothing but paralyze it with Thunder Wave.