The wielder is immune to Ground-type moves.
Reduces damage from Fire-type moves by 50%.
Heavy Metal
The wielder's weight is doubled.
Type Tier
Steel / Psychic LC
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 255 318 -
75 84 147 161
187 208 271 298
75 84 147 161
187 208 271 298
73 82 145 159


With respectable bulk thanks to Eviolite and one of the greatest defensive typing and ability combinations in NU, Bronzor is very easy to fit on most dedicated stall teams. When using Levitate, it is left with only a Fire-type weakness, which happens to be one of the least common attacking types in the metagame. This trait allows Bronzor to wall a giant chunk of NU, including many top threats that stall teams have trouble with, such as Jynx and Golurk. However, do not think you can just slap Bronzor on any stall team and expect a victory. It needs plenty of entry hazard, cleric, and defensive support to properly thrive, as its pathetic offenses, reliance on Rest for recovery, and tendency to be used as setup fodder will disappoint you.

Name Item Ability Nature

Calm Mind

Eviolite Levitate Bold
Moveset EVs
~ Calm Mind
~ Rest
~ Flash Cannon
~ Toxic / Sleep Talk
248 HP / 172 Def / 88 SpD

Bronzor possesses the great ability to wall both sides of the offensive spectrum, with Calm Mind patching up its lacking Special Defense. Luckily, with its typing and Levitate, Bronzor usually finds no trouble setting up on common Pokemon such as Golurk, Piloswine, Golurk, and Kangaskhan. It also makes Bronzor immune to Spikes and Toxic Spikes and gives it a resistance to Stealth Rock, allowing it to switch in very often. Flash Cannon is the preferred STAB attack because of its safer coverage with all of the Dark-type Pokemon rampant in NU, but it won't do much damage unless Bronzor has acquired many boosts. Rest is the only recovery move it can learn, but luckily Bronzor's bulk is good enough that it can take multiple hits easily after setting up. Toxic is the better choice for the last moveslot, as even at +6, Bronzor's weak Special Attack keeps it from doing much damage to most bulky Pokemon. Sleep Talk can be used instead of Toxic so that it fares better against Jynx and setup sweepers; with this, however, Toxic Spikes support is necessary and Bronzor misses out on poisoning Flying-types and Pokemon with Levitate.

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Other Options

Despite being blessed with an amazing movepool, Bronzor fails to use almost any of its moves effectively. It can use dual screens, but it cannot hold both Light Clay and Eviolite, making it outclassed. The same goes for Sunny Day and Rain Dance as well, as it cannot hold an Eviolite and a Heat Rock or Damp Rock at the same time. Bronzor has access to many great offensive moves such as Earthquake, Zen Headbutt, Charge Beam, Shadow Ball, and Grass Knot, but it lacks the offenses and moveslots to use any of them successfully. Some cool support moves Bronzor can learn are Imprison, Trick Room, Swagger, and Bulldoze, but they also have trouble fitting in one of its moveslots. The most viable other option Bronzor could use would be a Stealth Rock set, as the only way it would be forced out before it could set up is by Taunt or a rare Fire-type. However, Metang shares Bronzor's typing and has better offenses, so it is the preferable choice for this role.

Checks and Counters

The easiest way to beat Bronzor is to strike its weaker Special Defense before it can get any boosts with strong, super effective Fire-type attacks from Pokemon such as Charizard, Water-type attacks from Pokemon such as special Samurott, or Electric-type attacks from Pokemon such as Eelektross. If a few Calm Mind boosts have already been acquired, strong physical setup sweepers, including Swords Dance Samurott and Shell Smash Carracosta, are best to break through Bronzor's constant Defense stat. Other effective methods of shutting it down include Pokemon with Trick and a Choice item, such as Jynx and Rotom-S; phazers (if Bronzor is not the last Pokemon left) such as Bastiodon, Riolu, Lickilicky, and Zweilous; and Taunt users such as Liepard, Misdreavus, and Samurott. In addition, Steel- and Poison-type Pokemon are immune to Toxic, but unless they have reliable coverage moves, they won't be able to hurt Bronzor.