Magma Armor
Prevents freeze. Halves the number of steps required to hatch Eggs.
Solid Rock
Reduces damage from super effective hits by 25%.
Anger Point
Raises Attack to +6 if struck by a critical hit.
Type Tier
Fire / Ground NU
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 23 26 -
14 16 19 20
11 13 16 17
15 17 20 22
12 14 17 18
9 10 13 14


Camerupt's Fire / Ground typing gives it a unique niche as an Electric-type counter; not only is it immune to their STABs, but it is neutral to the Hidden Power types they most commonly use, Grass and Ice. Its usefulness is further enhanced by its access to moves such as Stealth Rock and Roar, making it a capable supporter. Unfortunately, Camerupt is not without its flaws. Its two extremely common weaknesses in Water and Ground can be easily preyed upon, and with a 4x weakness to Water-type moves, even its ability Solid Rock can't help it in these scenarios. Its effectiveness as a Stealth Rock setter is also hindered by its poor matchup against the various other Stealth Rock setters throughout the tier. Finally, its role as a tank can often be put into question due to its lack of reliable recovery, mediocre overall bulk, and downright horrible Speed. Nevertheless, Camerupt has a solid niche as a hard Electric-type counter and should not be ignored.

Name Item Ability Nature


Leftovers Solid Rock Calm
Moveset EVs
~ Stealth Rock
~ Lava Plume
~ Earth Power
~ Roar
248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpD

Camerupt is best played as a defensive tank, making the most out of its unique defensive typing and access to Stealth Rock. While Camerupt is not often used as a lead due to its weakness to opposing Stealth Rock leads, such as Seismitoad and Golurk, it still finds many opportunities to set up the entry hazard against many Electric-, Steel-, and Grass-types in the tier, and to a certain extent Jynx. Lava Plume is a useful STAB move, as its relatively high burn chance can help to patch up Camerupt's mediocre Defense stat. Earth Power is the secondary STAB option, notably hitting Fire- and Rock-types, which resist Lava Plume, for super effective damage. Finally, the last slot is reserved for Roar, which adds to Camerupt's supportive qualities; not only can it shuffle around the opposing team and deter setup, but it works in excellent conjunction with Stealth Rock to stack up entry hazard damage.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Specs

Choice Specs Solid Rock Modest
Moveset EVs
~ Eruption
~ Fire Blast
~ Earth Power
~ Hidden Power Grass
52 HP / 252 SpA / 204 Spe

With a high Special Attack stat, excellent offensive typing, and access to STAB Eruption, Camerupt makes for a fine wallbreaker. With this set, Camerupt forgoes its niche as a tank for the sheer power to muscle through almost the entire tier with Eruption—to put this into perspective, even Alomomola and offensive variants of Altaria can be 2HKOed! For that reason, Eruption is the primary move on this set, as it is incredibly easy to spam with its amazing Base Power and raw destructive potential. That being said, Camerupt—along with the power of Eruption—is worn down easily through either priority or entry hazards. This is where Fire Blast comes into play, as it still packs quite a punch with Camerupt's high Special Attack and Choice Specs equipped. Earth Power is the chosen Ground STAB, sporting a healthy Base Power, perfect accuracy, and the ability to hurt Fire- and Rock-types more than Camerupt's Fire-type moves would. Finally, Hidden Power Grass is the chosen move in the last slot, and while it doesn't see much use, it does have the ability to OHKO Seismitoad, a common bulky Pokemon that resists Fire-type attacks.

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Other Options

Camerupt can take more of a late-game sweeping role by boosting its Speed with either Rock Polish or Flame Charge; it cannot set up often due to its mediocre bulk, however, and this is better done by Charizard. Alternative setup options include Amnesia and Stockpile, but these end up just being wastes of a moveslot more often than not. Camerupt can set up Sunny Day to accomplish two things: weakening the power of Water-type moves and strengthening the power of its Fire-type moves. There are far better and more reliable Pokemon for this role, however, and this ends up wasting Camerupt's potential. Camerupt has solid physical attacking options in Earthquake, Stone Edge, and Explosion, and even Howl to boost Attack, but its lack of a strong physical Fire-type STAB is quite disappointing. Yawn is an alternative to Roar on the first set, as not only is it able to force switches, but it can cripple a Pokemon for the entirety of a match. Unfortunately, Yawn becomes useless once Sleep Clause is active, making Roar the more reliable choice. Finally, RestTalk can be used as a form of recovery. However, it sacrifices far too much utility to be considered, and RestTalk is an unreliable strategy.

Checks and Counters

Camerupt isn't very difficult to counter, as its counters are both very common and effective. Water- and Ground-types are the most effective, with Pokemon such as Samurott and Golurk easily being able to force it out with the threat of a super effective STAB attack. It should be noted, however, that Ground-types dislike being burned by Lava Plume. Dragon-types, such as Altaria, Zweilous, and Dragonair, are also excellent counters, as they can shrug off any non-Choice Specs boosted attack and either set up on it, phaze it out, or simply attack it. Most hard-hitting attackers in general can defeat Camerupt with little to no hassle, as Pokemon such as Sawk and Braviary can prey on its mediocre bulk and OHKO it with their STAB attacks. Finally, any form of residual damage is very effective at wearing down Camerupt, as it lacks reliable recovery and is vulnerable to all entry hazards.