Solid Rock
Reduces damage from super effective hits by 25%.
If the wielder is at full HP, it will survive any attack. OHKO moves will fail.
Swift Swim
Speed doubles in rain.
Type Tier
Water / Rock NU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 149 181 -
115 128 160 176
137 153 185 203
92 103 135 148
76 85 117 128
46 52 84 92


Carracosta has excellent Attack and Defense stats, and a brilliant offensive typing which gives it STAB on both Waterfall and Rock Slide, allowing it to hit a huge number of opposing Pokemon for super effective damage. Its ability Sturdy is also incredibly useful, giving it the equivalent of a free Focus Sash, which is extremely helpful. However, its weakness to Fighting-type attacks, low Special Defense, and poor Speed means it has to rely upon Trick Room or Shell Smash to function well. Overall, its excellent dual STAB makes it a strong choice for almost any team.

Name Item Ability Nature

Shell Smash

Rock Gem / Water Gem Sturdy Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Shell Smash
~ Waterfall
~ Rock Slide
~ Protect / Aqua Jet
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

Carracosta makes a unique attacker in VGC play thanks to its exclusive access to Shell Smash and Sturdy, which gives it almost guaranteed setup and makes it an incredibly powerful attacker. Shell Smash forms the basis of this set, doubling Carracosta's Speed and boosting its Attack to incredible levels. Waterfall and Rock Slide are powerful STAB attacks which gain excellent coverage together, doing huge damage after a boost. Protect allows Carracosta to bypass its many weaknesses, and lets its partner take out a Pokemon which can threaten it, as well as keep its Sturdy intact in the face of an opposing Fake Out. The EVs and nature allow Carracosta to outspeed everything up to maximum Speed Whimsicott after a Shell Smash, and hit as hard as possible after a boost. Rock Gem makes Carracosta's boosted Rock Slide hit ridiculously hard after a boost, doing huge damage to anything that doesn't resist it.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Trick Room Attacker

Rock Gem / Water Gem Sturdy Brave
Moveset IVs
~ Waterfall
~ Rock Slide
~ Aqua Jet
~ Wide Guard / Protect
0 Spe
252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD

While a Shell Smash set attempts to remedy Carracosta's poor Speed by boosting it, this set uses it to its advantage, outspeeding many threats with Trick Room in effect. Waterfall and Rock Slide again form Carracosta's powerful dual STAB attack combination, attaining excellent coverage and doing good damage to anything that doesn't resist it. Aqua Jet gives Carracosta a priority attack which outspeeds every other priority user under Trick Room, and allows it to work well outside of Trick Room, doing good damage to Terrakion and Landorus, and activating Archeops's Defeatist ability, making it much less of a threat. Wide Guard allows Carracosta to support a partner using Trick Room, stopping the powerful spread attacks that plague Trick Room teams.

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Other Options

Aqua Tail can be used over Waterfall on any set, but its lower accuracy, loss of the flinch chance, and inability to gain any important KOs makes it an inferior option. Earthquake might seem useful, but it has no coverage not already provided by Waterfall and Rock Slide. Curse allows Carracosta to outspeed everything under Trick Room and also hit hard, while boosting its Defense, but the boost is generally too slow to be useful, and Carracosta is generally far better off just attacking. Rain Dance might seem useful to boost the power of Carracosta's Water-type attacks, but its many weaknesses and terrible Special Defense make Carracosta far more effective just attacking than setting up rain. Tornadus or Thundurus generally accomplish this much more effectively thanks to their ability Prankster giving them priority on the move. Stone Edge is an option over Rock Slide, allowing Carracosta to hit much harder and guarantee an OHKO on the genies, but its shaky accuracy and lack of spread damage makes Rock Slide the better choice in almost all situations.

Checks and Counters

Ferrothorn is the greatest counter to Carracosta, easily taking any attack and OHKOing in return with its STAB Power Whip. By extension, any Grass-type Pokemon poses a threat to Carracosta, as it is unable to OHKO any of them with an unboosted Rock Slide, while it easily dies to any Grass-type attack. However, Sturdy allows Carracosta to always survive an attack, and if it gets up a Shell Smash, it can do serious damage with its powerful Rock Slide. Whimsicott deserves special mention for completely destroying any Shell Smash sets by locking them into Shell Smash with its priority Encore. Thundurus and Landorus can easily eliminate it with Discharge and Earthquake in concert, but if Carracosta has Wide Guard, it can stop them and allow its partner to set up Trick Room, where it can do huge damage with its powerful dual STAB attacks. Priority users such as Bisharp, Terrakion, Archeops, and Basculin can eliminate Carracosta if it's down to 1 HP due to Sturdy, but must be wary of a Water Gem-boosted Aqua Jet, which will do major damage to or KO many of them.