The wielder is immune to Ground-type moves.
Type Tier
Psychic NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 271 334 -
122 136 199 218
158 176 239 262
203 226 289 317
176 196 259 284
149 166 229 251
  • Neverused


With her frail and delicate appearance, this elegant wind chime truly does not look like much at first glance. Sadly, Chimecho is not really an outstanding Pokemon; NU does not lack good Psychic-type Pokemon, and Chimecho does not distinguish herself from them. In terms of support, Chimecho is often outclassed by Gardevoir and other Psychic-type support Pokemon due to their greater stats and good support movepools. Similarly, Chimecho is offensively outclassed by Musharna and Duosion, who boast significantly higher Special Attack. However, this mystical wind chime is still able to grasp hold of something resembling a niche in the combination of Levitate, Recover, and Heal Bell; in particular, she is the only Psychic-type cleric that has both an instant recovery move and doesn't care about entry hazards thanks to Levitate. This allows her to be a decent supporting Pokemon, as unlike Lickilicky and other Normal-types, Chimecho is capable of checking Pokemon such as Sawk who may otherwise pose issues to certain teams. With all this in mind, Chimecho is not a bad Pokemon, but unless you use her for her special niche, there really is no reason to use her over the variety of other Psychic-types in NU. Despite this, if you are looking for a supporting Pokemon who can check Fighting-types and some Ground-types, don't overlook Chimecho, as her small niche might mesh perfectly with your team.

Name Item Nature


Leftovers Bold
Moveset EVs
~ Heal Bell
~ Recover / Wish
~ Thunder Wave / Protect / Toxic
~ Psychic
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD

While Chimecho might be outclassed in most areas, this set brings together her few unique qualities—in particular, her access to both Heal Bell and an instant recovery move—to make a respectable supporting Pokemon. Despite her mediocre defenses, Chimecho is able to check some prominent threats in the metagame, such as Choice Scarf Sawk, Golem, Torterra, and other Ground- or Fighting-types thanks to Levitate and her Psychic typing. Furthermore, Chimecho has an excellent slew of support options, and with the ability to use Recover to free up a slot for another move, Chimecho becomes a very versatile supporter who is more than capable of pulling her weight.

It should be noted that this set is a template; thus, it can be modified. Heal Bell and Recover are the key moves for this set, as no other Psychic-type has the combination of Heal Bell and an instant recovery move. This allows Chimecho to use an alternative support option in the third slot, such as Thunder Wave or Toxic. The choice between Thunder Wave and Toxic in the third slot is entirely team dependent; if Chimecho's main job is to check certain threats, Thunder Wave is usually the better option as it makes most sweepers a non-issue. Toxic, on the other hand, is better for wearing down bulkier walls, and Chimecho is capable of stalling them out between Recover and Heal Bell. You may even use a coverage move in the third slot to KO certain threats, but typically a support move has more overall utility. Wish is also a very viable supporting and recovery move, and Chimecho is still not wholly outclassed by Gardevoir if she opts to use it due to Levitate. Do note that in order for Wish to be reliable, Chimecho is forced to give a moveslot for Protect (as Recover and Wish are illegal together), which means you must forgo that extra support option, often making it a lesser choice. In the last slot, Psychic should generally be used as it hits reasonably hard thanks to Chimecho's nice Special Attack stat and ensures that she will not be rendered useless by Taunt.

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Name Item Nature

Bulky Calm Mind

Leftovers Bold
Moveset EVs
~ Calm Mind
~ Psychic
~ Recover
~ Heal Bell / Taunt
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD

Despite some heavy competition offensively from almost every Psychic-type in the NU tier, Chimecho has just enough in her arsenal to separate herself from them. Due to the fantastic combination of Recover and Heal Bell, Chimecho can slowly accrue more and more boosts while shedding off damage and status with Recover and Heal Bell, making her a potent threat. Furthermore, Chimecho is not just limited to being a bulky booster with this set; thanks to Heal Bell, Chimecho can still act as a cleric early in the game and check certain threats with Recover and Psychic, while later in the match, she can boost up with Calm Mind and attempt to sweep. This gives her some extra utility over other bulky boosters such as Musharna and Duosion, as they typically have little use early in the game, giving Chimecho a distinct advantage over them.

With Calm Mind, Chimecho can increase her middling Special Defense into something extraordinary and also make herself a powerful offensive threat. Psychic serves as her main STAB move, smacking many Pokemon hard after a few boosts and hitting physical sweepers for reasonable damage early-game. Recover greatly increases Chimecho's survivability and allows her to take a fair amount of abuse while setting up Calm Minds. Heal Bell cures Chimecho and her team of status, ensuring that she cannot be taken down by a stray Toxic and giving her some use earlier in the match as a cleric. Taunt also has some use as it stops opponents from phazing Chimecho with Roar, and still stops Toxic like Heal Bell, but it makes Chimecho more vulnerable to stray burns from Scald and limits her utility throughout the match, making Heal Bell the superior option most of the time.

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Other Options

Chimecho has an astounding repertoire of options, but the key thing is that many of these options can be utilized by another Pokemon more effectively. However, Chimecho is still very usable for these roles, so if you really like her and find the suggested sets inadequate, there are a few more sets that Chimecho can run. Chimecho is capable of using Trick Room, and with Levitate, Recover, and Healing Wish, she can do a reasonably good job of setting it up; furthermore, she can even make use of it with her nice base 95 Special Attack stat. Chimecho can also set up dual screens with some success, as Healing Wish and Taunt allow her to perform adequately, but for the most part, she is still outclassed by Gardevoir. Additionally, Chimecho has some cool sleep-inducing moves in Hypnosis and Yawn, but they are generally too unreliable to be of much use.

Offensively, Chimecho is not short of options either. An all-out attacker set is a plausible idea as Chimecho has wonderful coverage between Psychic, Shadow Ball, and Hidden Power, and she even has Recover to keep herself alive throughout the match. That being said, unless the immunity to Ground-type attacks is necessary, Musharna and Duosion usually do a better job of this due to their vastly superior Special Attack. Chimecho may even use a Substitute + Disable set with some success, as she can switch into a Pokemon such as Golem, Substitute as it hits her with a Rock-type move, and Disable it, leaving it unable to hit Chimecho with anything. However, Chimecho's frailty is a huge letdown for this set. A generic Choice Scarf or Choice Specs set can be used, but Chimecho really has nothing to separate herself from the other Psychic-types in this role. For any offensive set, Chimecho has some cool options outside of the standard Psychic, Shadow Ball, and Hidden Power, including Charge Beam, Energy Ball, Grass Knot, Icy Wind, and Signal Beam, but they are mostly inferior to her standard offensive attacks.

Checks and Counters

As a supporting Pokemon, Chimecho can be somewhat tricky to stop, as unless you double switch to something that threatens her, she will be able to pull off that Heal Bell or status move. Dark-types in general work wonders against Chimecho though, as she is setup bait for them unless she carries Hidden Power Fighting. Cacturne, Mandibuzz, and Skuntank are all excellent choices. Cacturne can set up a Swords Dance and proceed to threaten the opposing team, Mandibuzz can Taunt it to prevent it from doing anything, and Skuntank can just trap and KO Chimecho. However, if Chimecho carries Thunder Wave, Cacturne and Skuntank will be heavily crippled unless they carry Substitute or Taunt. Speaking of Taunt, as Chimecho is primarily a supporting Pokemon, Taunt will render her utterly useless if you can hit her with it. Bulky Psychic-types will easily use Chimecho as setup bait, and even if she carries Calm Mind, they can boost alongside her and eventually beat her. Duosion, Musharna, and Gardevoir are prime examples of this, as Chimecho really can't do much to them without Taunt. Because Chimecho is offensively weak in most cases, most Pokemon who can set up will do a good job in general; they just have to be wary of Taunt and Thunder Wave, and they will do fine.