Hyper Cutter
The wielder's Attack cannot be lowered.
Shell Armor
Prevents critical hits.
The wielder's STAB modifier becomes 2x.
Type Tier
Water / Dark RU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 138 170 -
126 140 172 189
94 105 137 150
99 110 142 156
67 75 107 117
67 75 107 117


Crawdaunt has an impressive base 120 Attack stat, and with the right attack, it can put some huge dents into many common threats, such as Latios, Cresselia, and Metagross. Its low base Speed of 55 lets it shine in Trick Room. However, weaknesses to Electric-, Grass-, and Fighting-type moves make Crawdaunt very hard to use. Its Dream World ability, Adaptability, gave Crawdaunt a significant boost in BW; however, it doesn't quite make up for Crawdaunt's many weaknesses.

Name Item Ability Nature

Trick Room Attacker

Life Orb / Dark Gem Adaptability Brave
Moveset IVs
~ Crunch
~ Crabhammer / Waterfall
~ Superpower
~ Protect
0 Spe
252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD

The combination of Crawdaunt's high Attack and low Speed make Trick Room a natural choice for it. Crunch is Crawdaunt's strongest and most reliable STAB move; it can gain a power boost from either Life Orb or Dark Gem to hit the enemy hard. The second moveslot is dedicated to Crawdaunt's secondary STAB. Crabhammer is the stronger choice, but misses can be costly, making Waterfall an equal option. Superpower is mainly for coverage, and the fact that Crawdaunt doesn't have much else to use for this slot. Protect is a common utility move to use in VGC; it enables Crawdaunt to stall out burn or poison damage, prevent damage from an obvious Fake Out, scout out an opponent's moves, or simply enable Crawdaunt to evade damage for a turn.

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Other Options

Fling is an interesting option that must be used with Iron Ball to work best. Iron Ball Fling normally has a Base Power of 130, but thanks to STAB and Adaptability boosts, Fling's power is doubled to 260, so it's definitely not to be taken lightly. However, it's a one-shot move, and if you get out-predicted, you will effectively have wasted a moveslot, an item slot, and a turn. The Hyper Cutter ability can be used to prevent Crawdaunt's Attack from being lowered, particularly by Intimidate; however, Adaptability is more useful all around. Crawdaunt can use Rock Slide for a spread attack, hitting common threats such as Zapdos and Dragonite super effectively. Its downside, though, is its lack of power. All in all, Crawdaunt doesn't really have many other useful options offensively, and trying to play it defensively is very gimmicky and risky.

Checks and Counters

As said before, Fighting-types, such as Hitmontop, Hariyama, and Conkeldurr, can be huge problems for Crawdaunt. Zapdos can take pretty much anything Crawdaunt can hit it with, except maybe Iron Ball Fling; Rotom-W fares similarly against Crawdaunt. To make matters worse, both of these threats can swiftly KO Crawdaunt with Thunderbolt. Scizor is a problem for Crawdaunt because the latter can't hit hard enough to KO, and Scizor can retaliate with Bug Bite, which OHKOes Crawdaunt. Crawdaunt also has trouble dealing with common Grass-types, such as Ludicolo, Ferrothorn, and even Amoonguss, because Crawdaunt can't do much to hurt them. Breloom in particular is nearly impossible for Crawdaunt to handle; the punching mushroom can easily outspeed Crawdaunt and either cripple with Spore or KO with either of its STAB attacks, Seed Bomb or Drain Punch.